My-ZHiME Zwei 4

Posted by DiGiKerot in HiME at August 28, 2007 on 11:57 pm

Well, that was certainly kind of daft. It was a lot of fun, certainly, but entirely stupid.

Not that I was particularly expecting much else at this point. The kind of formula Sunrise typically use in their shows really doesn’t scale back to four episodes – more-so due to the number characters the show throws around, which is probably why they didn’t even attempt it and just produced something fun. Sure, it’s pretty frustrating for anyone expecting any more, but the Haruka-heavy second episode made it all worth while for me.

Ultimately, though, this final episode episode is pretty much exactly like the final episodes of the original series – that is, throw enough flashbang and the audience and hope they don’t care about it being silly beyond belief.

My-ZHiME Zwei 3

Posted by DiGiKerot in HiME at June 1, 2007 on 7:45 pm

I don’t really have all that much to actually say about this episode – I’m sure that a torrent of varied and far more in-depth opinions on the episode will follow shortly in other parts of the blogosphere. Largely, I’m just throwing this out there because (a) I’ve blogged every other volume of the ZHiME DVD release, and (b) R8 pretty much challenged me to actually get the LE figure to stand upright…

Still, I guess since I’m posting I should at least say something about the actual episode first.

My-ZHiME Zwei 2

Posted by DiGiKerot in HiME, Toyetic at February 27, 2007 on 9:09 pm

In which Arika doesn’t actually do anything.

My-ZHiME Zwei 1

Posted by DiGiKerot in HiME at December 3, 2006 on 5:01 pm

I could make this review really short – essentially, if you liked the TV show to the end, you’ll like this. If you didn’t like the TV show to the end, you won’t like this. If you didn’t see the TV show at all, why the hell are you reading this?



Posted by DiGiKerot in HiME at October 8, 2006 on 12:33 am

Its the final two volumes!

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