Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars

Posted by DiGiKerot in R1 DVDs at May 26, 2007 on 9:33 pm

Giant monsters are attacking Earth, a bunch of aliens seem to be hiding in town and the student council seems to be full of psychic-powered martial artists – but more importantly, they need to decide who’s going to be team leader for the Sports Festival…

That pretty much describes Shingu in a nutshell – it’s an immensely peculiar show to say the least. I guess that explains why I didn’t really have much of a grasp regarding what the show actually was prior to actually seeing it. I suppose the fact that it hails from way back in 2001 probably has a lot to do with it as well, given that people did see everything single thing coming out of Japan back then – essentially, the only people who were talking about this show were those who picked it up on DVD, most of whom were incredibly enthusiastic but equally at a loss to explain it.