Random CG Effects #3: MariMite 3rd Season

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random CG at March 28, 2009 on 9:13 am

From the fifth MariMite 3rd Season OAV, “Souers Run Mild In Rome” (well, OK, it’s actually called “Ciao Sorella”), comes this beautifully rendered 2 Euro coin. I guess it’s rather more ambitious than a card, at least.

Random CG Effects #2: Maria-sama ga Miteru

Posted by DiGiKerot in R1 DVDs, Random CG at August 7, 2008 on 11:00 pm

I bet you were thinking I was going to pick on the CG rosarios in the OP sequence – well, think again. The first season of MariMite has something that definitely trumps Kanons rubber ducky – a CG card. Yes, it’s a red rectangle, which rotates around a little. How exciting!


Random CG Effects #1: Kanon

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random CG at July 12, 2008 on 4:32 pm

By this point, I think it’s been made pretty clear that I get far too amused by the most pointless things in anime, as undoubtedly evidenced by the fact that I once made a whole post about a Yorkie bar appearing in Noein, not to mention all those Mikan Watch posts.

One of the other things that amuses me in anime is the use of CG effects. I’m not talking about the obvious things we see, such as commonly re-occurring backgrounds or objects being done that way to assist with maintaining consistency and reducing costs. That’s sensible, and even manga artists are using those tricks these days (thats how they get chapters of Negima out so frequently whilst still looking good – most of the backgrounds are CG renders with some manual touch-up).

What amuses me are those things which not only appear for only a few seconds, but also seem largely pointless in their existence – that there’s either no real reason for them to be there, or no obvious advantage to them being CG’d over a frame or two of manual animation. I think my amusement value is largely derived by the fact that clearly someone sat there and made a conscious decision that it’d be a good idea to CG the thing in the fact of established logic.

Which is why the plastic duck pictured above, from episode 20 of KyoAni Kanon, made me laugh. I mean, it appears only in two cuts, totalling what must be only around three seconds, and it doesn’t really add anything to that scene. I don’t anyone would think any less of the production if the duck wasn’t there, either.

I can just imagine, however, someone at KyoAni sitting there, adding it just to taunt other animation studios. It’s almost as if the duck exists just to rub it in that they don’t have the same kind of production values KyoAni tend to lavish on their titles.

(I don’t, however, think the duck is as good as Fantastic Childrens keyboard.