Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #9-44

Posted by DiGiKerot in Unfunny at April 11, 2012 on 10:44 pm

Sorry for the relatively uninteresting comics this week (and, alas, it’s going to continue onto Friday as well) – I’m pretty much behind on checking out the new anime shows, which means I’ve not really got anything topic to riff on.

Well, OK, I did obviously watch the new Saki show, and given the prior series provided ample content, I’m hoping the same will happen once again. That said, I was a little disappointed that the first episode wasn’t quite as bonkers as I hoped it would be – it’s very easy to remember Saki as the show it became, rather than the show it started as. The ulta-crazy effects-laden, super-powered Mah-Jong of the original series end-game wasn’t really on display here beyond a quick bout of Mah-Jong Newtype-ism. Plenty of time yet, though!

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #9-43

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Yeah, drawing the kind of funky angles needed to keep a short character in view without making all the panels really, really tall is beyond my artistic skill, I must confess.

Okay, I left throwing todays comic together a little late, and then let myself get distracted a little too often whilst mid-process, so it being late I’m not actually going to say anything more.

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #9-42

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I’m not any kind of expert on Japanese history, but I’m pretty sure Oda Nobunaga would be more likely to blow someone head off than get confused by a Hamburger (though, admittedly, I doubt a Tanegashima firearm would have quite the explosive power displayed above).

It’s kind of odd that, even beyond the current industry trend of the moe-ification of everything, the use of figures from Japans Warring States period in such a fashion has become pretty much a genre into itself (rivalled only by those utilising Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I guess). The twist behind the latest example, Sengoku Collection, is that it’s Oda Nobunaga (and presumably other famous figures) who is displaced into the future rather than a hapless hero (or heroine) being thrust back in time. Unfortunately, beyond that, it just seems to be playing itself as a rather rote magical girlfriend show.

To a certain degree, I’d like to see a more aggressive mining of history a little less close to (Japans) home making it’s way into this kind of anime production – I realise there’s at least some of this content in paper-based formats, but I don’t personally chase that stuff quite so aggressively. If nothing else, some of our British civil wars practically name themselves to the degree that I nearly threw together an April Fools joke based around the concept. But that would have been way too much work.

In completely non-Anime related news, I went to see The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!, monikered rather boringly The Pirates! Band of Misfits in the US, today. It was pretty darn hilarious, but then, that’s pretty much what you’d hope for or expect out of an Aardman claymation picture. Also, it has a monkey butler, and that’s just grand.

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #9-41

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In other news, I took an evening off from having to do anything yesterday and watched the Suite Precure movie. Unfortunately, it’s so terrible that I really don’t want to write about it. It’d be an embarrassment of a movie purely in isolation – it’s badly written, badly paced, badly directed and, worst of all, badly animated – but when sat next to the absurdly entertaining Heartcatch movie that came before it, well, yeah…

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #9-40

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Peter Molyneux is a British gaming industry legend, well known for making fanciful comments about whatever software project he is presently working on. which often fail to pan-out exactly as suggested. Peter Molydeux, on the other hand, is a twitter account parodying the aforementioned Peter Molyneux, and has a habit of throwing out a lot of concepts for rather absurdest “profound” and “artistic” games.

One thing which happened this past weekend was the Molyjam, a Gamejam based around the ideas of Peter Molydeux. A Gamejam, for what it’s worth, is an event where a bunch of people spend a fixed period of time (in this case, 48 hours) attempting to throw together some kind of game based around a theme. The theme for the Molyjam was that the games had to be based around a concept expounded in one of Peter Molydeux tweets (although I gather Molyneux tweets were fair game also), and as a result some rather absurd games were made. Games like Italian Rocket Riders (You probably need to play that to understand).

For my part, I ended up doing the whole remote participation thing – that is, I spent most of the weekend sat at my computer at home, since even if I wasn’t antisocial I wouldn’t have been able to reach any of the physical locations to which participants were descending (though I gather Molyneux himself made an appearance at London). Unfortunately, my game was also, comparatively, a rather boring Zombie Bowling game (Windows only, XNA4.0 so needs recent .NET framework installed) – one of many such things. But, hey, it was made in less than 48 hours, and it kind of looks like a game of sorts. It probably has a whole bunch of bugs left in it (I did fix an occasional infinite loop bug this evening, but no-doubt broke something else at the same time), but that’s all part of the fun. Kind of.

Anyway, the whole exercise left me feeling rather drained today, so I’ll leave the chatter there.