Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #6-2

Posted by DiGiKerot in Unfunny at April 23, 2009 on 11:02 pm

I wonder if anyone has ever made an anime or manga series about extreme Snap players. Probably not, I guess, though I suppose it could make an amusing one-shot parody.

Actually, I’d kind of like to see an anime series about playing Hanafuda, largely because it might actually result in me finally managing to learn how to play that damn game. It’s turned up in a number of Japanese language games I’ve played, yet I’ve never really figured out how to actually play it, lucking my way through any such sections. I can see immediate real (well, video-gaming) applications to learning how to play Hanafuda.

I guess I’ll need to stick to MahJong at the moment.

Anyway, back onto the comic. I had a few options for what comic to post today, but with the minor Gonzo drama TJ tried to stir up, I figured a vaguely Gonzo related comic was the way to go. Not that it’s related to Shangri-La, nor had I actually seen Saki at the time I drew this. I don’t really have much to say on the subject of the negative bias towards Gonzo – it’s at least half deserved, given Gonzos tendency to produce shows that fall apart in their second half (both in terms of content and falling animation quality), though the other half probably comes down to a substantial vocal part of anime fandom repeatedly stating that Gonzo shows are all bad. If you hear something often enough, you’ll come to believe it, even if it isn’t entirely true. The same thing has pretty much happened with Sunrise, whereby pretty much everything they make these days is automatically classified as a trainwreck immediately. Conversely, anything KyoAni produces is apparently gold, and no amount of !quality K-On animation will convince people otherwise at this point. Not that there isn’t a kernel of truth to all these – Gonzo have produced a lot of bad shows, Sunrise have had shows which have descended into a complete mess (like the final quarter of Gundam Seed Destiny), and KyoAni generally do produce well made shows – but whatever. If people want to believe these things, it’s their prerogative.

That said, it does seem to me that Gonzo have gotten into this decided habit of having at least one show airing at any one time that is pretty ridiculous in terms of it’s pandering to certain audiences – I’m talking about your Strike Witches, your Linebarrels and now Saki. Saki is really outstanding in terms of it’s pandering.

See, if that’s not outstanding, I don’t know what is ^^;

Guffah guffah.


Also a common theme amongst a lot of these shows are the scenes clearly designed to be defogged for the upcoming DVD release (this cap is from episode 1 – episode 2 also featured another such mist-laden shower sequence).

Funny thing is, having now watched the first two episodes, I feel kind of bad about picking on Saki. I mean, it’s not doing anything big or clever – aside from some light yuri elements, it’s by-the-numbers sports anime, complete with a character thrown in who is just clueless enough to require everything to be explained (in this case, the only male character) – but it actually does it moderately well. It’s just that, with these fan-service heavy Gonzo shows, I’m finding it hard to ignore the fan-service. It’s pretty much become self-parody at this point, and I find it really, really distracting – Linebarrels in particular was pretty bad for it, but with Saki I couldn’t help but spend half the show laughing at things I really shouldn’t be laughing at. It’s very much to the shows detriment.

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