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Posted by DiGiKerot in Unfunny at May 27, 2009 on 9:17 pm

Apparently BayTSP have sent out another bunch of letters to the ISPs of US based fansub downloaders. Last year, they were doing this on behalf of Aniplex for shows like Kannagi, Sekirei and Kara no Kyoukai.

This time around, it seems that it’s Media Factory who has hired them, and a number of people have been contacted about their alleged downloading of episodes of Queen’s Blade. Whilst a few people have informed me that it’s not that bad, it’s kind of hard for me to shake the image of that show being the one with the girl who shoots acid from her boobs, and as a result I honestly can’t think of a show that’d be more embarrassing to potentially face legal action over.

Yes, I know about the new iM@S game – aside from Author e-mailing me about it, it’s been reported in my usual news haunts. There’s not really a huge amount for me to say – the full news story does have a fair amount of information, but I don’t really feel like poring over a dictionary trying to decipher it. One of the parts of import, however, is that they mention that they intend to make use of the DSi camera to read QR Codes, as a way of unlocking additional content.

The reason why this is significant is that, well, that’ll make it a DSi game rather than a standard DS game, and DSi games are region locked. I do, of course, own a UK DSi already, but that shall be no good for the purposes of playing this new game, and therefore I’ll have to buy a Japanese DSi in addition. Damn.

Otherwise, yeah, it’s a new iM@S game for DS. The new characters are kind of a good thing, as it at least means it’s not entirely a rehash of existing content, though from what’s been seen of it thus far it looks like they are going to be flaking out of attempting to do any kind of 3D with this one, electing to primarily use static character images instead. I could be wrong, but even with the extra processing power I’m kind of doubtful the DSi could produce 3D with the kind of clarity displayed in the screenshots in that magazine. That said, they’ve kind of avoided showing any real images of the audition process, or any performances, so it’ll be curious to see how they handle this.

Presumably there’ll be more news regarding the game this coming weekend at the iM@S event being held.

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