Saki Episode 24

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I honestly did have every intention of making a post which did not entirely pertain to Saki at some point this weekend. Alas, for various reasons (mostly “I was playing the PS3”) it didn’t pan out, meaning that I’m increasingly at risk of being accused of being entirely too Saki-obsessive. Whoops, too late!

Honestly, though, it’s just an easy show to throw up a few hundred words about, and to make jokes about in one form or another. The show concludes next week anyway, so at that point I’m going to be somewhat forced to evolve towards blogging other material, else risk letting this blog fall silent.

Anyway, in this weeks instalment, the production staff throw a bone to those of us complaining about the writing out of the shows more entertaining characters (*cough* *cough*) by having Hisa invite the other Schools of Interest to a combined training camp. Whilst Yumi accepts on Tsuruga’s behalf on the grounds of it being a good idea for the younger members to get some additional experience playing in the big leagues, and Koromo overrides any dissent that Ryumonbuchi may be generating, Mihoko delays on replying. Apparently she feels guilty accepting something for selfish reasons, or at least that’s what Kana thinks, explaining that with Mihoko being the only one playing in the Nationals, she doesn’t want to put the others out for something largely to her one benefit.

Well, the concept of a combined training camp is certainly most likely to benefit her the most from the Kazekoshi group, but given that this episode throws out more “LESBIAN!” flags (across the board) than most of the previous episodes, it’s probably the quality time with Hisa that she’s looking forward to. Indeed, the episode ends with Mihoko coming to Kiyosumi to accept in person, before spending a romantic evening with Hisa. Try as she might, it seems that Mihoko just can’t quit her.

Elsewhere, in what other’s may describe as “The A-Plot”, Kyoutaro reveals to Saki that there’s going to festival next weekend, and that they should really all go, not to mention that it’d be real swell if she wore her yukata. Kyoutaro figures that if Saki wears a yukata, then Nodoko will be sure to wear one to match. Poor guy, his logic is so right, yet in his delusional state he’s missing the point of his own argument – the reason why Nodoka would wear a yukata to match Saki. That being the matching Saki part.

In any case, Kyoutaro’s best laid plans are almost scuppered when Yuuki reveals that she’s failed – you guessed it (I certainly did) – Maths, and the potential for additional lessons not only puts the festival at risk, but also the training camp! OH NOES!

Which is why Hisa bans the first years from the club room, meaning that Saki and Nodoka are left attempting to teach Yuuki enough to pass her make-up exam, with “hilarious” and often Taco-related results. Kyoutaro, meanwhile, has once again been forced to gather all the supplies required for their training camp – this episodes actual punchline being that, after being the one to put all the effort into both organising the trip to the festival and preparing for the training camp, Nodoka spends the whole festival holding hands with Saki, and Kyoutaro doesn’t get to go to the training camp (or, at least, he’s not on the bus – though I guess it’s something to do with there being twenty girls yet only one guy).

At this point in the series, there’s not really anything left to speculate about – there’s only one episode yet, so presumably they’ll use it for doofy inter-school hijinks with little-to-no consequence. As a result, I only really have one thought to close with – what’s with Touka’s butler waiting until she (along with Koromo and Hajime) are in bed before delivering her mail? Doesn’t post usually come in the morning?

Actually, make that two thoughts – does he get to go to the training camp? ^^;

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