Natsu no Arashi #2-1

Posted by DiGiKerot in Natsu no Arashi at October 4, 2009 on 7:56 pm

Hey, Natsu no Arashi’s back! Though, really this post is likely to follows Author’s mantra of “No post’s too short”, as there isn’t really all that much to say about the actual content of the episode – they go to be beach, where hi-jinks of an associated fashion occur.

Still, I’m kind of disappointed that the OP for this season didn’t continue with the same kind of retro-80’s-kitsch as the first, particularly given that the insert songs in the episode are pretty much of the same mould. I guess the music’s kind of retro in an 80’s electropop kind of fashion, but it just doesn’t have the same charm, nor is the animation associated with it particularly interesting.

Otherwise, the Master still has absolutely no comprehension of the concepts of time travel, and that guy still hasn’t gotten his salt, so I guess I can’t complain too much – it was a pretty funny episode regardless of the lack of anything of particular interest to talk about. It was actually animated as well, which seems to be something of an irregularity for Shaft productions in recent weeks – though given the comments coming from Shinbo about them getting more job satisfaction out of this show than Bakemonogatari due to the popularity not being mostly down to the original author probably explains volumes about why that may be. It probably won’t last ^^;

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