Sora Kake Girl Blu-ray #6

Posted by DiGiKerot in R2(J) DVDs at October 20, 2009 on 6:52 pm

Another month, another post where I regurgitate the same opening. Last months Wies Schwarz card isn’t looking so bad now that I don’t have anything in particular to talk about, but, alas, this months volume is another of those without first pressing extras. Well, I say this months, but this DVD was in the same customs-delayed package as the last Haruhi DVD – this is actually last months volume, with the next disk being due next week.

Anyway, that’s enough beating around the bush – this volume is all about Bougainvillea and Minato – more commonly referred to by both the fans and the show itself as BouMin, a convenient encapsulation adequately signifying their unity of purpose as comic relief characters who are essentially a walking My-ZHiME in-joke. The picture drama, as such, is pretty wacky, recounting how BouMin sold their souls (and seemingly their bodies, given that Nina seems to be molesting them) in exchange for delicious food. Silly girls. (and, yes, the token gratuitous shot is in there).

Have I mentioned that I bought a new laptop with a Blu-ray drive? Shame I’m too cheap to stump-up for AnyDVD HD, else you might have actually gotten some screendumps out of this post! Oh, well, one step closer, I guess.

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to the episodes on this volume – the important one is the first, the episode in which our heroine returns to space, which is significant/awesome for being the first time Nami goes all Sora Kake Black (discounting the fact that they’d used that for volume fives cover). Nothings more fun than watching Nami beat StarSylph around like a rag-doll with her magical staff of, well, beating things around like a rag-doll. Plus five. I love Crazy Evil Mahou-Shoujo Nami – or, rather, I love the entertainment value she brought to the show. She’s so hilariously insane, and she only gets more gloriously insane as the show goes along. I understand that some people don’t like Crazy Nami. These people are wrong.

Also, the Pizza Hut product placement jokes are still funny.

Speaking of Pizza, apparently the Shishidou’s own a Pizza chain in addition to owning pretty much everything in the shows universe. You wouldn’t think it given that the whole cast of the show seem to only eat Pizza Hut, but I suppose they must have made a hostile take-over at some point ^^;

This months volume of Sora Kake (by which I mean volume seven) has serial Lum-cosplayer Tsutsuji on the cover, by the way. I’m not sure what the general opinion was, but where I’m from, everyone is in agreement that she was totally the best character thing in the show, which will obviously make volume seven the bestest volume of the show.

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