Natsu no Arashi #2-5

Posted by DiGiKerot in Natsu no Arashi at November 1, 2009 on 7:53 pm

Well, it wasn’t another episode about Hajime being too dense to figure out Jun’s a girl at least, but it was curiously a little flat. I think it’s because much of this episode came across as excessive bullying rather than being particularly humorous, as they spent the whole episode iterating on a joke that was only funny the first time.

The general gist of the episode is that, due to a random alignment of planetary bodies, whenever Kanako put on a pair of glasses, she’d randomly transform into a magical girl. So far, so good – except rather than run with magical girl jokes, they ran with repeated attempts to put glasses on the poor girl, which kind of wasn’t really all that amusing.

Still, it was at least an excuse to dress the various characters up in magical girl costumes for half the episode. Some of these were pretty obvious…

Like Kaya and Jun as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, or Master as, err, a character from Yes! Precure 5! (I think? My only familiarity which that particular instalment was that crossover movie).

I’d guess Arashi’s Minky Momo costume would probably go straight over the heads of most of modern fandom, though. Honestly, I don’t even know how I knew it was Minky Momo. I couldn’t figure out Yayoi’s costume, though – not the one of her dressed as Fate from the eye catch, rather the sailor uniform she wore in show. My immediate impression, given she described it as “a costume for a girl with super powers rather than a magical heroine”. was A-ko from Project A-ko, but she only wore short sleeved uniforms from what I remember.

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