Sora Kake Girl Blu-Ray #7

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It turns out that me getting a release in a prompt fashion has absolutely no bearing on how quickly after release I get around to posting about it. In any case, once again, it’s yet another volume of Sora Kake Girl – the third from last, infact. The next volume has the two remaining Shishidou sisters, Kazane and Sakura, sharing the cover and presumably it’s bonus featurette. Before that, however, there’s more important matters at hand.

In any other show, I’d probably have called Tsutsuji Baba a gag-character. The joke behind her is that people kind of have a habit of forgetting about her – she’s supposed to be a member of the schools Student Council, but they somehow manage not to notice the fact that she disappears for half the series. People forget her name on a frequent basis. People kind of just forget that she’s around on occasion.

But at the same time, she’s has… not so much delusions of grandeur, but certainly aspirations of it. She’s introduced as a badguy at one point, part of a long line of Nervalists (that is, the cult that agrees with the principals of series villain Nerval) – but that stance lasts for about half an episode, after which she reveals that she’s pretty much just out for herself, and is quite happy to align herself in the fashion that’s of most benefit to herself. It’s probably the result of some kind of inferiority complex, but she’s pretty forthright and confident about establishing herself as a major galactic power.

She also has a habit of dressing like Lum, bathing a lot and generally being kind of crazy. In short, Tsutsuji’s the best thing about the show.

Anyway, as I say, she’d probably come across as a gag character in any other show. Sora Kake, however, is the type of show which has a main character who is essentially a Lelouch parody, and then there’s BouMin being a walking My-ZHiME reference. On top of that, there’s Erika and Lily, who basically exist to complain about their character setting being too similar to BouMins. On the comparative scale, Tsutsuji is pretty mild.

The point of this digression, of course, is that this months volume of Sora Kake Girl is, praise the lord, devoted to Tsutsuji. Tsutsuji who, apparently, is secretly into goth-loli fashion and boys love doujinshi. That probably goes some way to explaining the Lum cosplay she breaks into far more frequently than is probably sensible.

Otherwise, this volume has episodes 18 through 20, which are some of the less busy episodes of the series. This isn’t to say that they are boring episodes, but compared to the usual insanity it’s a little on the quiet side. There are a few bathing scenes in these episodes, though, and as with the one of the earlier volumes they did a moderate amount of steam reduction.

Unlike the previous volume, however, the steam reduction doesn’t reveal anything more than a little Tsutsuji cleavage.

There’s not much else to say about this volume, really, except – hey, screenshots! So here’s a random picture of Minato from the (not really) infamous Baseball episode.

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