Miracle Express 999

Posted by DiGiKerot in Miracle Train at November 15, 2009 on 8:51 pm

The Miracle Express 999 will take you on a journey, an everlasting journey… A journey to the staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars!

Well, maybe not. This week on Miracle Train, they pick up… no-one. No-one at all. Yes, it’s an entire episode without a girl-of-the-week! So, instead of helping some poor damsel in distress with her problems, they all decide to get stoned.


I’m very sorry.

What really happens is that the train freaks out, and everyone sits around wondering what’s actually going on. Actually, everyone really sits around wondering, firstly, what’s up with the entirely too suspicious conductor (my guess, with that snazzy mask, is that he’s really Mu La Flaga. Making a train fly is totally within his remit of making the impossible possible), and secondly, how they came to exist and why they feel the need to help girls in trouble in the first place.

Meanwhile, I sit around wondering why Akari’s head is grotesquely large in comparison to the rest of the cast.

The answers, surprisingly, are forthcoming. Not the correct ones, mind you (I’m assuming the show isn’t really The Matrix, at least), but answers none-the-less.

Miracle Train continues to be surprisingly hilarious, though this week showed the first signs of what could be a (*gasp*) ON-GOING PLOT. It seems to be hinting at something to do with Roppongi (given he kept staring at some watch) and Akari. I have to admit, I’ve kind of been wondering what the point in Akari actually is – up until this point, she’s popped up near the start of each episode to throw out a couple of lines before disappearing for the rest of it. That said, I can’t imagine a quicker way to ruin this show than actually trying to put some kind of point to it – the whole appeal of the show is simply that it’s entirely stupid, and that angst is simply something to be combated with even more stupidity…

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