Natsu no Arashi #2-7

Posted by DiGiKerot in Natsu no Arashi at November 15, 2009 on 9:01 pm

This week, in the process of trying to locate a valuable tea-cup she’s misplaced, Master discovers that she can connect with Yayoi and travel back in time. Given that’s she’s repeatedly failed to grasp the concepts behind the show’s particular take on time travel, could this lead to anything other than terrifying results?

Actually, the interesting thing about this episode is that we never actually see the aforementioned terrifying results, rather we only hear the characters talking about it post-fact. As Master recklessly time-travels to the same time period over and over again, forcing the others to do the same, everyone starts to get more and more confused about the timeline as things start to increasingly overlap, and the Master still fails to get it.

Other than that, it certainly was an episode of Natsu no Arashi, in so much as there’s not really anything to talk about beyond what there would be for any other episode.

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