Natsu no Arashi #2-8

Posted by DiGiKerot in Natsu no Arashi at November 22, 2009 on 8:15 pm

As a Brit, I can only approve of his choice of take-out. Alas, it’s a shame that he’s relying the order to Yayoi, isn’t it?

Anyway, this week on Natsu no Arashi, it’s really, really hot, and Arashi starts to freak out as a result. Unfortunately, they’re unable to locate the remote for the air conditioner, though they do find a whole bunch of rather more peculiar ones. Including one which leads a cave underneath the cafe…

Which results in Yayoi cosplaying as Indiana Jones, and Kanako as… Lara Croft, maybe?

Once again, it was mostly another averaging episode of Natsu no Arashi, in so much as that for most of the episode there was neither anything particularly good or bad about it. That said, the ending completely slayed me…

When the cafe randomly turned into a transforming robot – rendered in spectacular Toy-O-Vision rather than animation – then simply exploded. It’s just the complete and unexpected surreality of it all that really, really made me laugh.

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