Battle Moon Wars – First Act

Posted by DiGiKerot in Doujin games at February 7, 2006 on 9:45 pm

Battle Moon Wars is a doujin game by circle Werk. Its an SRPG, presumably roughly inspired by the Super Robot Wars games (I’ve not played any of them, so can’t say for certain). In terms of more main stream titles, if you’ve any of N1s SRPGs or Final Fantasy Tactics you’ll have the rough idea. Similar to how Super Robot Wars mixes characters from an assortment of famous mecha anime and games, Battle Moon Wars combines characters from Type-Moons Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night, mixes in a couple of originals, and throws them into a neat battle game.

There isn’t really a huge amount more to say about the gameplay. Isometric grid based stage, assortment of badguys (many bizzarely based on Getter Robo from the looks of things), visual novel sections between the battles, the usual kind of thing. You can move around, hit people, use status magic and heal and the like. It plays pretty well – the AI isn’t especially the best, but its passable. As with a lot of these games, positioning characters as to lure and trap opponents into a managable situation. When attacked, by default both parties get a chance to attack assuming you both have attacks within range – with the attacker going first. Even if you have an attack in range, you can choose not to attack in exchange for a far increased chance of avoiding damage. When near death, it can be a god send, particularly on those stages where you lose by losing any single character in your party.

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