Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #7-12

Posted by DiGiKerot in Unfunny at March 26, 2010 on 9:46 pm

Author was asking me earlier in the week if the black-haired girl from the last, what I like to deem as, “Lazy Comic” (in so much as it’s not what I’d consider Waffle-verse, though perhaps I would consider it “Core Continuity”) had made a prior appearance, to which I replied that it was only her second. He went on to postulate that I should really have a character guide, a concept which I found kind of hilarious – partially because half the characters are cribs from certain shows of which I may be a fan of which no actual resemblance to their original personality (which had it’s basis in me joking about the tendency for such things in fan-comics), but mostly because I’d have to have such meaningless things as character names. I go to great lengths to avoid ever having to use names (and, therefore, come up with that), and I don’t really want to highlight that fact, even if that’s what I’m doing now.

Plus, it’d just highlight the fact that there’s absolutely no consistency at all in this stuff. The trick is, I reckon, to try not to think too hard about it. Or think at all. For those wishing to keep track, though, the characters who appear today (the over-enthusiastic school newspaper reporter and her entirely dismissive editor) previously appeared in 6-84, 6-88 and most recently 7-6. Not that any of that is interesting – there’s rarely anything more relevant that three or four comics ago that needs keeping track of at any one time, anyway.

Still, sorry about another lazy comic today. I would say “I really need to watch some anime” or some other statement that suggests that I need to go off to acquire more material, but, despite that fact that I’m playing video-games an awful lot recently, it’s not like I’ve not been watching stuff. It just doesn’t particularly help that my viewing material last weekend was Slayers Revolution, and it’s not exactly easy to generate comic material from a show that lampoons itself quite so aggressively. The main ongoing show I’m following – Durarara! – doesn’t really have the kind of tone I find easy to mock either…

In other news – the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World trailer was unleashed upon the internet yesterday. I’m a fan of the comic, and although I’m still really not sure about Michael Cera as the titular hero (though, I admit, I’ve not seen a single movie he’s actually been in), the movie is otherwise looking particularly awesome. As spectacular as Iron Man 2 looks, I think this has to be the movie I’m most looking forward to this year.

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