Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #7-24

Posted by DiGiKerot in Unfunny at April 23, 2010 on 7:42 pm

I find this to be a far more rational explanation for the demon-tail Yui sports than her being a GirlDeMo fangirl.

I’ve neglected to comment on this whole AniBloTou thing thus far, and that’s largely to do with my ambivalence towards the whole affair. On the one hand, I am kind of curious to see what kind of (hopefully constructive) criticism the voters angle in my direction, not that it’s actually likely to change my blogging habits one iota. On the other hand, I’m pretty content with my present level of obscurity – I don’t get many readers or attention, but I’m fine with that, and honestly, I kind of like that I’m at absolutely no risk of blowing my bandwidth limitations right now.

I do, however, notice that I’m up tomorrow. Not that I’m intending on doing anything in celebration or anything. Lethargy conspired against me pulling out of the thing altogether, and lethargy prevents me from putting out a torrent of new content like some other bloggers have been.Well, lethargy and time constraints, at least. In any case, I have nothing additional to write about, and nothing sitting around stockpiled in advance that I can post ahead of schedule. Well, not unless you count some of the stuff that I threw together for some art-request threads on various forums, but I doubt anyone around here would be interested in Lincoln T-Rex or Domon Kasshu vs Cirno

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