Zaregoto Volume 2 Actually Being Published!?

Posted by DiGiKerot in Novels at June 21, 2010 on 10:46 pm

English Language releases of light novels have had something of a bumpy ride – by which I mean, most of them get cancelled after only a volume or two, if they even appear at all. When The Kubishime Romanticist, the second instalment of Bakemonogatari author Nisioisin’s Zaregoto series, found itself suddenly labelled with a June 2010 quite some time ago, the assumption was that it was little more than a far flung date invented to indicate that it was on indefinite hiatus.

Curious, then, that Amazon have just shifted the pre-order I made some two years to it’s “Dispatching soon” status, not to mention that one of the other UK retailers I use are claiming to be stocking it shortly. I honestly never thought I’d see the day this would happen, and whilst it doesn’t really say anything about the likelihood of the rest of the series seeing the light of day, it’s still something I’m happy to see happening.

It’s a pretty good time for novel translations, actually. Haikasoru are doing a pretty good job of keeping me with stocked up on predominantly excellent things to read (I should really write something about Stories of Ibis, but Omo does good enough a job to dissuade me), and Yen Press are doing a good job of actually getting some of the more otaku material published. Heck, even Tokyopop seem to be getting back into the game – aside from the shock publication of the second Gosick some weeks ago, they also announced via Twitter they are starting Full Metal Panic up again, if not until next year.

It does leave me struggling to actually decide what to read, mind you. I’ve just finished up Ibis, which leaves me with the two most recent Haikasoru releases and their two Miyuki Miyabe books to read. I’ve also got that second volume of Spice and Wolf sitting here, but the possibility of the new Haruhi and, of course, Zaregoto landing any day makes me ponder if delaying the commencement of a new book would be wise.


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