Negima! Kagai Jugyou (PS2)

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at May 27, 2006 on 8:54 pm

The thrid of the Japan-only Negima PS2 games, fully titled something like “Magic teacher Negima! Extracurricular activities – Maidens Heart-pounding Beachside!” (yeah, it’s a long title) is, well, rather different than the previous two PS2 Negima games…

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tj han

OMG There are some disturbed minds over there at Konami. Sweet pure 14 year olds playing raunchy games in skimpy swimsuits.

So, where do I get this? Lol.

[…] Also in other news, Beta-Waffle blogged about the new Negima game – Lolis at the beach…Oh, sorry – "Maiden's Dokidoki Beach". So I'm going to steal a couple of his pictures. for the whole story, click link above. But seriously, does Ken Akamatsu really need to cash in any more on the series? Isn't the fact that its already a multinational success cause him to stay awake at night and wonder "I really wish I'd spent a little more time reading that proposal for that game" […]


Is there any knowledge of the anime/manga needed to get the most out of this (I’m guessing not judging by what I want to get out of it! >:D) because god-damn does that look awesome!


Not really. I suppose its slightly more entertaining if you know who all the characters are and, as such, have predisposed favourites, but there is plenty fun to be had anyway. I’m not sure I would have played it if I wasn’t a Negima fan, but even with the groups full of characters I knew sod all about I had fun.


the BEST negima game E.V.E.R


I live in the UK and have a ps2 and am praying for a miricle for this game to be released here.


Satsuki and Sayo are missing from that swimsuit picture.


30 Satsuki Yotsuba
31 Saya Asaki

very unfair for them not to be in this game.


can you walk around as any one of the students then select any mini game to play


yuri to boushi to hom no tabibito u need to stfu negima is awesome,if he fells like investing more epsidoes and stuff like that i dont mind,negima is the greatest! so u can just fuck off!

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