Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #8-49

Posted by DiGiKerot in Unfunny at April 18, 2011 on 6:50 pm

These are the things which had to be done to get the last two episodes of Madoka Magica on the air in Japan. I hope all you people who were celebrating it’s return feel suitably bad about what some poor little girl has undoubtedly been put through to facilitate it’s return. You monsters.

Errr, yeah, I had a bit of an impromptu, unannounced week off the comicking there. Some things happened and I ended up rebuilding my PC, which obviously meant I spent a while getting things back to the point where I can throw one of these things together (although todays effort has actually been sitting, unposted, on the server since Monday last week). We’ll be back to the regular schedule for the time being, though.

In other news, there was a trailer for the iM@S anime released a day or so ago. There’s not really much commentary to give on it – it looks like they’re performing at an event which involves them camping on location, Iori is presumably making curry and Yukiho freaks out because she runs into a boy. I’m kind of curious as to who is holding that shovel – the nerd it me wishes it was Yukiho about to dig a hole for herself, but it looks like it’s a guy (indeed, the clothing doesn’t match what any of the girls are wearing). I’d say it’s just a random mook, but it’d be a bit odd for them to include such a shot in a promo like that. Producer-san? Probably not.

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