Keroro Gunsou – The Movie

Posted by DiGiKerot in One shots at September 12, 2006 on 10:33 pm

Whilst returning home from buying a new Gundam model, Fuyuki and Keroro accidentally unleash an ancient frog-like demon, blah, blah, everyone falls out, blah, blah, extinction of life on the planet, blah, blah, needs to be resealed, blah, blah everyone makes up and kicks arse.

Its not exactly the most original movie ever (there’s a dozens of anime movies and RPGs with pretty much the same plot), but it is pretty entertaining regardless. Things drag somewhat in the middle when nothing particularly exciting or silly happens, but the ending battle is pretty cool and the whole thing is as well animated as you would expect from a movie. Ultimately, its only an hour long anyway, so when I say that the middle drags a little its not exactly got much time to drag in.

And, hey, it even made me laugh a couple of times.

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