Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #9-10

Posted by DiGiKerot in Unfunny at January 23, 2012 on 8:55 pm

This weekend, I spent literally tens of minutes playing this –

That’s Rio Blackjack for iOS (in this case, my archaic iPod Touch), starring Rio of Rainbow Gate fame. Well, actually, the English release of this game seems to pre-date the airing of the anime, hailing from 2009, but hey, I’ve only just heard about it.

Not that it’s particularly interesting, obviously – I mean, it’s Blackjack, with an animated Rio sprite with just a couple of animations. And also some really annoying music. Still, there’s a number of unlockable extra costumes – from her standard dealers costume we know from the anime, to a cowgirl outfit, to a french maid costume – that unlock when you back out to the main menu with certain totals present in your bank. The unfortunate problem with this is that it’s really rather unclear how many different costumes there are to unlock, so my only really judgement on the matter is how high up the fanservice hierarchy the costumes are. The temptation to build my coin total yet higher, just in case I’m missing something, is certainly something that’s there.

There’s also some artwork that you can spend your coin on, which makes the product description a little amusing…

I mean, “Infrequent/Mild Simulated Gambling” is hilarious enough for, well, a Blackgame game – there’s nothing infrequent about the simulated gambling, given that’s all the game has to offer. What’s doubly amusing is the fact that by listing that alone, it suggests that, perhaps, the gambling is the worst, most questionable thing about the game. Infact, some of the unlockable art has Rio bathing in a fashion that I’d have thought many would consider more eyebrow-raisingly scandalous than the gambling ^^;

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