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Posted by DiGiKerot in Unfunny at April 13, 2012 on 9:56 am

I’m actually at an anime con at the moment, so I’ll keep this brief. Not that there’s actually anything going on at this point in the morning, but it seemed like a pretty good excuse.

Actually, I will say that the Noitamina block shows have really nailed it this season, at least as far as their opening episodes go, with a couple of classic Noitamina-feeling shows. Which is kind of nice after Guilty Crown and BRS, y’know. Well, that and it’s nice that these two are streaming to the UK.

I suppose that’s to be expected from Kids on the Slope, to a degree, being a Watanabe show and all that (though it’s always a little awkward setting expectations upon someone with a relatively small, and certainly a little atypical, output), but it’s a well-made show throw together by people who clearly have a far better understanding of the language of film than most of those working in anime.

Tsuritama, well, it’s always hard to figure out what you are going to get out of Nakamura, but in a sense, I think I prefer it Kids. I feel kind of bad about saying it in this way, but I think a large degree of that is that it’s just more anime than Kids (which is a bit funny, given how one of Kids strongest features is how anime is doesn’t feel). Mostly, I think it’s just that I really liked that one absolutely killer shot of our protagonist being pulled out of the water (sideways) by the fishing pole. I mean, man, that was a great piece of animation.

Also, it has a swan called Tapioca. What’s not to like about that?

(Also, I kind of hate to admit I liked the most recent episode of Sengoku Collection way more than I should have. Perhaps it’s because it, ultimately, had almost sod-all to do with the actual concept of the show. Maybe it’s the subject material it turned it’s hand to. Maybe it’s just that I got a lot of amusement out of the fact that I was constantly toggling my mind between “Man, this is so terrible” and “Actually, this isn’t that bad” throughout the entire episode. In any case, it’s probably earned itself another episode)

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