Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #G-1

Posted by DiGiKerot in Unfunny at April 27, 2012 on 8:05 pm

Concept by Peter Shillito, Artification by RoxasTsuna

Because I’m on personal hiatus, I did what any self-respecting interweb-comic-like-artist would do an put out a shout to see if any sucker wanted to chip in and do my work for m….errrr…. any fine fellows wished to submit a guest comic. I’ve not really got many artist friends, though, so I just did a rather half-hearted solicitation on the Twitters. Much to my astonishment, I actually got a bite? Go me, I guess!

If anyone else wants to have a go – and I have absolutely no standards or expectations terms of quality of art at all (Yes, even MSPaint is fine – heck, I’d probably except a frankencomic assembled cut-and-paste from my own art, assuming it wasn’t tasteless) – fling me an e-mail at, well, pretty much any beta-waffle.com address will work, really (the most obvious works best, most likely).

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