A Rather Large Box (or, I bought the iMAS SE)

Posted by DiGiKerot in Gaming, idolmaster, Toyetic at January 31, 2007 on 10:19 pm

For comparison, that’s the first Code Geass DVD next to the box I picked up from the postage depot today. Its a rather large box, isn’t it?

Inside that box, well…

There is another box ^^;

Inside the second box, however, was the rather large and shiny iDOLM@STER Special Edition. Yes, once again I’m taking great pleasure in depriving the rabid Japanese iMAS fans of valuable stock. Notice how it dwarves lesser limited editions with its sheer mass – that Sakura Taisen LE box managed to squeeze a PS2 controller, a t-shirt, booklet and mousemat into that box, and is still petite in comparison.

Inside that box you get Trading Figure size figures of all eleven girls, a stage to assemble and stand them on (plus assembly guide), a faceplate (as seen on my 360 here), a 20 page booklet (with art like this in it), a DVD with two hours of iMAS related footage on it (in other words, I’ve not watched it yet and as such don’t know exactly what is on there), and, strangely enough, a copy of the game.

Unfortunately, I’ve not actually had the chance to play the game yet, let alone set up the stage and take pictures. I’ll save that for another evening, I guess.

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