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Posted by DiGiKerot in HiME, Toyetic at February 27, 2007 on 9:09 pm

In which Arika doesn’t actually do anything.

At the point where the first episode ended, Mashiro was missing. Arika decides to go and look for her, and lands herself straight into a hostage situation in Aries. Of course, being Aries, it’s not long before Haruka turns up and disrupts the whole situation by loud.

Loud with hard work and guts.

So, with Arika pretty much out of the road for most of the episode, we get an episode which is low on plot development, but chock-full of those characters who really didn’t get enough screen time in the original series. Pretty much any Haruka moment is golden, so an OAV in which she is practically the main character is, well, an OAV made of GOOD and WIN. It’s just plain entertaining.

Really, I’m not sure what those complaining about the lack of plot in these OAVs were actually expecting. Aside from the fact that it’s only four episodes and they’ve so many characters they have to juggle, the HiME series has pretty much always been Sunrise’s equivalent of a Saturday-matinee serial – for all suggestion of depth they try to make in the earlier episodes, the shows aren’t really anything big or clever. Its never really about where or how the series begins or ends, its all about the insanity which goes on in the duration, be it the humour or the dramatic twists and cliffhangers the series supplies us with. It’s not something which is ever going to win any awards for good writing, but it’s just so damn entertaining. When I look to a HiME show, I look to be entertained.

This episode was very entertaining. It isn’t as if they set-up an especially complex plot line for Zwei anyway – something mysterious appears to threaten the peace. The only place they actually need to go to is this mysterious entity being destroyed. They don’t really need to spend more than one episode to wrap up what is going on here. They’ve let us ascertain that whatever the shadow is, it’s purpose seems to involve taking samples from the strongest of otome – it didn’t even move until Sara materialised. By giving us a better glimpse of the shadow and taking out the human tank that is Haruka, the episode has served its purpose. Honestly, I’m far happier to get an episode full of spazz like this than a plot-heavy but tedious affair which we might otherwise have gotten.

As for the superficials, we still have no new music outside of the ED. The animation, at least, is a lot more consistent than than it was in the first episode. It still isn’t really any better than a well animated TV episode, but it is at least entirely as well animated as a decently made TV episode.

You know what is funny about this episode? Nina only gets one line of dialogue, but she still gets second billing in the ending credits ^^;

I got the first pressing of the DVD, which came with the a TF sized figure of Arika. It’s not all that great a figure – the legs in particular are made of a really soft, flexible plastic which would probably result in an unsupported Arika finding herself in a face-plant situation within a matter of days. What makes things worse is that the provided support is one of those generic, CM’s trading figure stands, which just leave you trying to figure out some random way to suitably support the figure rather that it actually fitting it in some useful fashion. Sorry about the craptacular pictures – it’s been a while since I’ve taken any figure pictures, and being that it isn’t really anything worth showing off I really couldn’t be bothered to put any actual effort into it ^^;

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