Recently, My Sister is Unusual…

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at January 6, 2014 on 7:52 pm

…and I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with the girls freakishly bulbous head. I mean, seriously, what the heck is going on with it here? I’m not the sort to be all hypocritical and complain about weirdly rendered anatomy (well, OK, I am), but the girl looks darn weird at times. That cancerous growth she calls a forehead must surely be impinging on her mental faculties, causing her to be delusional and confused.

Recently, My Sister is Unusual (or Imoucho for those who agree long titles are dumb) is the latest in the long line of increasingly daft younger sister shows to come out of Japan, and in terms of daftness, it surely does escalate things to a new levels. Our everyguy hero has recently seen his father remarry, his step-mom bringing her daughter along for the ride. Whilst he tries to make the best out of a strained relationship, particularly given both parents are about to leave on an extended business trip to India, his step-sister finds herself haunted, and sporadically possessed, by some kind of ghost, or angel, thing – a Ghangel, if you will. Or maybe Gayngel would be more appropriate, given some of the circumstances.

Also, she suddenly finds herself entrapped by a chastity thong which will only unlock and retract for three minutes an hour, leading to all sorts of toilet-related hilarity, as if the Ghangel situation wasn’t dopey enough. Oh, yeah, the Ghangel has the hots for and/or is somehow related to the male protagonist.

Honestly, it’d be pretty easy to call it the worst, as a show in general, but to be fair, there’s at least a certain amount of humour to be gained just from exactly how low it’s willing to sink in it’s fetishistic pandering, even if it doesn’t even manage to reach NakaImo levels of at least coming across as being self-knowingly intelligent in that regard. As dumb and awful as the toilet humour is, it’s still not quite on the level of, say, Juuden-chan (or actual porn), either.

That said, I’m pretty sure Juuden-chan didn’t have it’s heroine being aggressively snuggled by a Ghangel (or Gayngel), at least not in the one episode I watched.

So, yeah, it’s an imouto show that’s pretty damn terrible, and in many ways kind of repugnant, but also not quite the most terrible or most repugnant, and is almost worth watching just one episode just for giggles and the added perspective you might gain from experiencing it. Given, you know, you are OK with retrospectively admitting that NakaImo wasn’t actually that bad a show.

Also, I kinda liked NakaImo.
Also, this blog post also only really exists to I could complain about her bulbous head. The rest is just fluff.

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