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You know what I’d really, really like? A new *-HiME franchise TV show. Exactly what they cover I don’t really care, but as nice as these OAVs are (and S.ifr was very, very nice), waiting three months between episodes, of which we only get three of with this series, is pretty killer.

Anyway, there’s no sense in duplicating what others have done at length by summarising this, particularly when most reading this have probably seen the OAV already, but my notes for the episode follow the jump. As for what I thought of it, it’s probably one, if not the, single strongest episode of franchise thus far. Whilst I personally enjoyed Zwei (and think the Haruka-centric second episode in particular was pure gold), I’m imagining a lot of people are either seeing this as a return to form, or an over achiever, depending on how they felt about the TV series.

What I’ll mention straight off is that the booklet which comes with the R2 DVD has different romanizations for a lot of the character names than those which are being used among fandom. I’ll mention these as I go along.

Bruce is the single best male character to thus far appear in the franchise, not that he has much competition. The booklet has his name romanised as Bruce Wallece, rather than the Wallace which is commonly used at present.

I’m pretty sure everyone recognises this move Rena is using as that Nina used against Mashiros guards in the first episode of the TV show, and again against Arika in the third episode. There’s lots of odd things in this episode which kind of feel like them retconning, or at least confusing, which of the TV characters these are the parents of.

Her name is romanized in the booklet as Lena Sayers – this isn’t exactly a surprise, given that they’d romanized her name that way in the newspaper clipping in the first episode of Zwei, and with her GEM reading L.S., I guess they are being consistent in preferring Lena over Rena. I’m kind of hesitant to change now that I’ve been using Rena for so long now, though.

The big guy pictured in the image below is Branquin. That’s only really of note due to the fact that it breaks from the TV shows pattern of naming Aswards Cyborgs after units of measurement. The ending credits also list a Ranbos (ランボス) and a Cattsue (カッツェー) (katakana provided as I’m not sure on the romanizations) along with his name, whom I am assuming are his colleague who appear later.

It’s really, really bizarre that Fumis master was a dead ringer for Mashiro. It kind of raises a few questions – was Fumi serving the royal family of Windbloom? I’d kind of thought that was the suggestion previously. It might suggest why Mashiro being raised as Princess was questioned even more than it was, though despite all the pictures of Fumi seen in the TV show I don’t think any of them had her master in them. It also makes me think of that episode of ZHiME where Mashiro asks Miyu is she knows anything about her – I’d have thought that kind of resemblance wouldn’t have slipped past her. Oh, the joys of retconning…

I’m kind of amused that elements of Sifr Frans hair is partially a combination of Arikas and Ninas, though the long bang on Arikas hair goes down the other side of her face, and Ninas braids go behind her ears.

Yes, they do look a lot like Chie and Shiho. On the left is Sister Zion (as the booklet says) – her surname isn’t romanized, but the small text (and the writing in the next episode preview) has her full name down as Zion Margaret (not Marguerite, like Tomoe, or Hermana Shion as some sites presently do).

The Shiho look-alike is Raquel Major, rather than the Mayol I’m presuming is derived from her Destiny name (likewise for the Zion/Shion thing).

Eliot Chandler, token series blatant lesbian (as opposed to just heavily suggested). Nothing really exciting to say – I don’t really like the half mask on her Meister Robe compared to Saras in the other series.

Nina the cat. Kind of retarded. I’ve seen some suggestion of this being where Nina from the TV series got her name from, but this really, really doesn’t make any sense what-so-ever. The royal family named their child Mashiro, so assuming the don’t back-peddle on Nina being princess that would have been her name at birth. Given she was sent away from the castle as a child and picked up by a gang, the name Nina must have either been given to her either by them or by Sergay. In either case, it’s just a bizarre coincidence.

Actually, on the subject of names, Rena initially introduces herself to Sifr as Rena Yumemiya, although later it’s revealed that she is known as Rena Sayers. I’m presuming at this point that Yumemiya must have been her mothers maiden name or similar, given that Rena presumably hasn’t changed her name due to being married (being an Otome). I also wonder if Arika was actually the name Rena gave her (presumably transmitted to her own mother via Miyu), or if she was named by her grandmother.

Note that the Headmistress Una Shamrock doesn’t have a Fumi statuette on her desk – I guess that’s a Natsuki touch.

That’s the same jacket you see Mashiro wearing in a number of times in the other series.

I’ve noticed that a few of Sunrises shows use CG textures for complicated background patterns, normally visible due the repetition apparent in things like wood panels. In this case, its really obvious on the carpet due to the excessive anti-aliasing (I’m guessing that texture is way too low resolution to be seen that close). That, and the fact that…

the pattern completely disappears a few panels later when the floor collapses ^^;

This one is really peculiar – Rena pulls off her maid costume, which comes off with a single yank despite the fact that there are at least two layers, the cuffs were separate, she was wearing stockings (and possibly a garter belt) and had laced boots. More bizarre is the fact that, in this single motion, she’s managed to reappear with her hair tied differently, different shoes and wearing a dress that couldn’t possibly have been under the maid costume – even if you assume those sleeves were rolled up in the shoulders of her maid costume or something, how she suddenly sprouts the white leggings is beyond me. Houdini would be proud.

I do have to wonder what the point of the exercise is, though – it’s not as if we haven’t seen Otome Materialise from informal attire before.

There’s that L.S. I guess Bruce Bran de Windbloom is named after one of his ancestors.

I think Rena must be one of the only Otome I can remember with adequate support in the chest area. Maybe that’s the secret to her power?

“Comedy” break.

Rena is kind of excessively overpowered – I mean, she can walk on water, whip things with her Robe,

can do DBZ-esque split moves (not to mention moving like a DBZ character),

and she has a Bow for an element as well as the magic slicey power she uses. I guess that makes her better than Jesus!

She does loose her chest support, mind you, so maybe she isn’t. Kind of funny that she will have a completely different ability set next episode given that her GEM cracked.

I was going to moan about them reusing Gakutenou here, but the ending credits have a credit for Bakutenou, so I guess that’s alright (and, yeah, the design is a bit different anyway).

Bruce and Sifrs eyes changing colour when M-9 was activated really, really through me for a while. I mean, I’ve long been assuming that Arikas Alyssa descendancy was through Rena, but this opens up a few questions. Is this reaction down to that relation, and could Bruce possibly be Arikas father? Does this mean that Arika might not be Renas daughter after all, or are Arika and Nina actually sisters? Is all this actually leading to somewhere else entirely? Lord only knows…

The fight between Rena and M-9 was pretty sweet, particularly compared to the dash’n’slash stuff the other series instalments devolved into.

There’s lots of names and terms thrown around in the ending credits, many of which I have no idea how to romanized. There’s lots of names and terms we’ve already had from this episode, but there’s a few new ones, including Harmonium, Iruma Van De Beld (イルマ・バン・デ・ベルド), Ray Jagger Naut (レイ・ジャガー・ノート), Shiro, Hazakura Sakura, Kyoko Shimabuki, Reito (presumably the one who became Rad), Eal Church/religious organisation and lots of Kanji terms I don’t really want to try and get into figuring out (I’m pretty sure most of them are GEM names anyway, and probably mostly refer to the Pillars).

By the way, this DVD has a blue keepcase, rather than white like every other HiME release. Not sure if that’s cool or annoying.

That’s all I’ve got to say on this episode. Now to get annoyed waiting for the next instalment.


Uguu Taiyaki!


Fun with Random Banners, eh?

Actually, I don’t think I’ve even had that one up myself. Nice to know I actually remembered to upload it…


I thought we’ve seen the Harmonium before in Mai-Otome, but that could be for something else. And yes Bruce is mad awesome. :3


After Sunrise officially spelt her name Lena, I’ve always gone w/ Lena whereas I went w/ Rena before as well. Lena is more fitting IMO cuz this is the Otome version and Rena is for the CF version. Both look the same but w/ different voice and eyes. So that’s how I personally differentiate ^^.
The support to her chest isn’t anything new as the I’m sure you recall that one of the previous user was Ayane from the novel (in which I linked w/ pics showing Ayane also using the Bow element). Thus Ayane had full support despite not being as top heavy as Lena, but she still had a good size.
Oh, about her split image attack, first thing that came to my mind when i saw that was Morrigan’s darkness illusion attack since both images are attacking at the same time. Not really a DB/DBZ move, they used an ‘after image’ move where they leave an image of him/herself cuz they’re moving really fast. thus, there is no multiple simultaneous attacks. sorry i’m a db geek ^^. anyways, been reading blogs and posts, and glad ppl are finally jumping on the Lena bandwagon.
the eye thing of bruce and sifr are interesting, though i don’t think arika & nina are sisters cuz miyu would be able to detect that (w/ the glowing hair thing and all). anyways, eager to see where this story will go even though there seems to be some continuity problems.


Ofcourse Lena is Arika’s mother, it says so through the series of my Otome and the Ova’s, Arika is not related to Nina Because if it was a true possibility then Miyu would be able to detect Seayers bloodline in Nina, not to mention Miyu can see Arika’s glowing blonde hair using her awesome eyes.

Sifr is the weaver, her eyes change when her Weaver powers activate, I am not sure about Bruce, but Sifr is a member of the royal family of Windblowne, or atleast her father is a royal family member, he is either the younger or the older brother of Bruce, making Sifr Bruce’s neice, and since Sifr without a doubt is Nina’s mother, then Nina and Arika could not possibly be siblings, because:
1. They look nothing alike.
2. It would be incest if Sifr had a baby with Bruce -_-”

Eliot Chandler is without a doubt a lesbian but she has a child a year or two before Arika was born.

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