Posted by DiGiKerot in Gaming, idolmaster at July 28, 2008 on 7:00 pm

So, apparently, Miki was rather upset with Producer-san, feeling that he wasn’t paying her enough attention. As a result, in a SHOKKU! move, she’s jumped ship from 765 Pro to join Project Fairy, the idol unit put together by rival production studio 961 Pro.

So, yeah, they’ve come out and explained the reasoning behind Miki not being in the character roster for the PSP iM@S games – she’s going to be your idols rival in the Missing Moon version of the game (whilst the other two have new-but-not-really-new characters). I guess it cements Missing Moon as the best version of the game to get, but I’m really not sure how I feel about Miki not being a playable character. I’m imagining that this “rival” feature is something they’ve put in to balance out the lack of online modes in the game, and as an idea it seems pretty good, but I just kind of wish it wasn’t, well, Miki. It kind of fills me with a righteous sense of fanboy rage. It’d be nice to think that she’d be an unlockable, but, well, I’m not counting on it.

It’ll be curious to see how they work all this into the larger iM@S canon with the drama and vocal CDs. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Missing Moon edition doesn’t end with some kind of reconciliation with Miki, as unless they are writing her out, it doesn’t really make sense to separate her from the rest of 765 Pro for too long – whilst I’m sure we’ll get a bunch of Project Fairy CDs, it seems to me that it’ll limit their CD options in the long run.

Plus, you know, Evil Miki is kind of lame.

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