Hinano Releases RenAi Blogger Game

Posted by DiGiKerot in Doujin games at August 2, 2008 on 4:17 pm

As you are no doubt really fed up of hearing about by now, Hinano has released her long-awaited Blogger-themed visual novel RenAi Blogger. I figured I’d post about it anyway, though – I know from experience that you really can’t underestimate the amount of work that goes into even a short game, particularly when you are writing and doing all the art assets yourself. The fact that she has managed to maintain enough interest in the project to complete over a period of somewhere in the region of four months is something that deserves kudos.

Also, I’m probably the only one who’s done their own art for their post ^^;

As for thoughts on the game, well, you’ve probably played it already. It’s a fun way to kill and hour or two. the Natsuko path was probably the one which amused me the most, simply because I find lolicon gags in these games way, way, way more amusing than I probably should. The Hinano path of full of lulz too.

As for negatives, well, Jen kind of looks a bit odd in some of her profile shots. This probably wouldn’t be something I’d notice if it wasn’t for the fact that she seems to be missing half her skull on the title screen ^^; I realise that she isn’t actually missing part of her skull, and that it’s just part of the images layout, but it just kind of looks strange to me there. Oh, and if I was really nitpicking things, there’s some minor inconsistencies in the costumes between the CGs and the in-game slates (merely mentioned because I started to get really confused when trying to check some of the costume elements ^^;).

Crap, the negative paragraph now looks longer than my other comments, which really wasn’t the intention here ^^;

By the way, can anyone enlighten me as to what those letters along the base of the text window are for? I have absolutely no idea myself ^^;

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