Random Wafflage: Rocket Edition

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at March 30, 2009 on 10:32 pm

Author posted more than a few entries regarding Toradora yesterday – this is vaguely inspired by one of them. Reading the text of that post, however, I am forced to think of three things.

Firstly, I have Rocket Girls DVDs lying around somewhere that I’ve still not got around to watching.

Secondly, on the subject of Rocket-related anime, I do wonder if Author has seen Gainaxs Wings of Honneamise, a movie about a small countries much derided space force against the backdrop of a neighbouring country threatening to invade. Beautiful movie, though perhaps a little overwrought with religious banter for most, not to mention the leisurely pacing. I do love it, though.

Thirdly, could Taiga really pilot a Gundam, or any other giant robot for that matter? It strikes me that such a shortarse would have trouble reaching the controls, no matter how far it’s possible to move the seat forward.

Otherwise, I don’t have anything else to actually talk about, really. Apparently the first Haruhi novel is actually out in English legally now, though I’ve yet to get a copy. Oh, and Star Ocean 4 is still awful.

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