Fate/Tiger Colosseum (PSP)

Posted by DiGiKerot in Fate/Stay Night, Gaming at November 21, 2007 on 10:44 pm

Fate/Tiger Colosseum was released on 13/09/07. Even you figure in shipment times and the time I’d need to invest into playing it enough to formulate something like a valid opinion on it, I should really really have been posting about this almost two months ago. So, this post is pretty old news by this point.

Fate/Tiger Colosseum

Posted by DiGiKerot in Fate/Stay Night, Gaming at April 5, 2007 on 9:16 am

I’m always a bit concerned about posting news like this in the wake of Internet Lies day, but Zepy is reporting that Capcom are apparently going to be publishing an SD Fate/Stay Night fighting game for the PSP. The news looks to have been sourced from Famitsu, and the scans I’ve seen of the announcement look authentic.

The only thing is that the game is being developed by Cavia, whose past record is all over the place. Ho-hum, I suppose I’ll be buying it regardless of quality…

Goodsmile 1/6 Casual Saber

Posted by DiGiKerot in Fate/Stay Night, Toyetic at October 24, 2006 on 9:59 pm

Yes, its yet another Saber figure, and not really one I have a huge amount to say about. At the very least, this one at least isn’t cross-eyed. The pose is rather boring, though.

As for the production quality, Saber is at least fastened to the base by a pair of sturdy looking screws which should prevent her ankles from bending at least. The moulding is nice and sharp – the hair in particular is nice and pointy, with none of the rounded edges you get on a lot of figures. The legs do have the usual seems down the legs were the parts are joined, which are clearly visible under harsh direct light. The paintwork is largely OK, but were the clothing is rimmed around the edges there is an area of paint which looks rather flat and out-of-place. There are also some blush markings on the face which look a little odd.

Sabers skirt can be removed – in fact, you have to remove it due to it shipping with a plastic liner around it. The thing is, removing it kind of leaves paint marks on her legs and pristine white panties. Its something I recommend doing with great care if you choose to do so…

One thing about this figure is that its a lot bigger than you might think, even compared to other 1/6 scale figures – its taller than it should be compared to my other Fate figures at least, by a good inch.

(and, yes, that is my back garden – I couldn’t be bothered to set up my usual lighting system, and the weather was being uncharacteristically unbritish. Suffice to say, its raining now ^^;)

Alter 1/8 Black Dress Saber

Posted by DiGiKerot in Fate/Stay Night, Toyetic at August 16, 2006 on 7:37 pm

Oh my, this is certainly a nice figure. I’m finding it pretty hard to think of anything particularly negative to say about to be honest – its about as well made a 1/8 scale PVC figure as you are likely to see. The sculpt is nice and there are no obvious manufacturing issues – even on closer inspection, there are no obvious seem issues, and aside from the usual join along the top of the hair the others are not really obvious (for example, at the top of the sleeves). The paintwork is really well done as well – I particularly like the shiny boots and the semi-transparent sword. I suppose they could have picked out the strings on the corset out in a different colour, but that is just nitpicking really.

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Palm Characters Rin and Archer

Posted by DiGiKerot in Fate/Stay Night, Toyetic at July 19, 2006 on 6:16 pm

Yeah, more Fate/Stay Night figures. These are a little disappointing, actually, by the usual standards of the Palm figures series. The moulding around the hands is a bit messy, and the paint work isn’t particularly clean either. The Rin figure is completely set in pose – no movable arms like you get with most Palm figures, with only the head being repositionable.

The Archer figure at least comes with a set of exchangeable arms, with two different sets of weapons so he can be equipped with either his twin swords or his bow and arrow, and his arms can we re-angled.

But, really, these aren’t particularly great.

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