Merry Christmas 2022

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at December 25, 2022 on 10:21 pm

Another year, another instance of me thinking I should at least update at Christmas. Hope you are all doing well, and I hope none of you have accidentally sank as much time into Genshin as I have this last year, which is an amount of time I am absolutely not going to own up to here.

Anyway, still watching a bunch of anime. If you were to put a gun to my head and ask for some of my favourite TV anime from last year, the list would probably end up looking something like, in no particular order:

Birdie Wing
Gundam: Witch from Mercury
Mob Psycho III
Bocchi the Rock
Utawarerumono: Whatever the final season was called.
PriConne RD2
Vanitas S2
Tiger & Bunny 2
Executioner and Her Way Of Life
Healer Girl
Demon Girl 2
Lycoris Recoil
Shadows House
Pop Team Epic

Kind of a recency bias there, but that said, whilst there’s a bunch of things, even amongst the good stuff, that feels like production capacity is really being overstretched as of late, even the quieter seasons of TV anime this year have been something of an embarrassment of riches. Lots of unmentioned stuff this year, and I’ve not even managed to get around to stuff like Tatami Time Machine Blues that I’d be astonished if I don’t like yet. Good year for content consumers, I guess, and I’ve been following a good ten or so shows every season for the last year.

Other than that, I made a few tiny games for a platform only seven people own and read an awful lot of translated light novels, including probably way too many trash isekai titles (though I guess I get some kind of weird kick out of stuff like Smartphone having to back-pedal about why it’s absolutely totally OK to marry a 12 year old… maybe isekai webnovels were a mistake?)

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