Merry Christmas!

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Since I’m sure it’s still Christmas somewhere, here I am half-arsing a post whilst on the train to, err, Numazu…

Mikan Watch #110: BBK/BRNK

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From episode 18 of Bubuki/Buranki (or the sixth episode of the second cour, Gentle Giants of the Galaxy, if you’d rather) – it’s that one at the far bottom-right of the structure there, though I guess you might have to squint a little to make it out above.

Anyway, I’ve already already written about this show this week, so little else more to say about it. I have actually managed to watch an entire five episodes of New Game, though! Go me!

SLA 2013: Patema Inverted

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The story of one boy, and his very moe balloon.

Patema Inverted is the new movie by Yasuhiro Yoshiura, a fact that’d probably hold significantly more weight for me if I’d actually gotten around to watching the critically acclaimed Time of Eve at some point. It follows Patema, a girl who lives in an underground society where everyone is close and loving, but follow a set of rules – particularly regarding were you should and shouldn’t be going – to ensure everyones safety. Stifled by life underground, egged on by stories told to her by a long-missing friend, Patema, perhaps understandably (or at least predictably) flagrantly ignores what she is repeated told not to do and goes exploring.

After one such expedition goes awry, she ends up meeting Age, a boy from the overground society. The overground society is all about rules too – excessively so, infact. It’s a literal conveyor belt society, where students can accumulate demerit points simply by looking in an unapproved direction. Age is something of a rebel in his world, as well, though in his case, being a rebel can amount simply to not turning up to the dorms at the designated hour.