Mikan Watch #143: Rick and Morty

Posted by DiGiKerot in idolmaster, Mikan Watch at July 26, 2020 on 12:25 pm

I can’t particularly say that this was a post I was ever expecting to be making…

Anyway, Adult Swim put out another one of their sporadic Rick and Morty shorts overnight (well, by UK time), and this one was animated at Telecom and directed by Takeshi Sano (Tower of God). Probably not actually that much of a shock given those circumstances, I guess.

I suppose I actually like Rick and Morty well enough, though not in the “talk publicly about it” fashion – which is to say, I do watch the show, but I can’t particularly say I want to be associated with some of the more vocal parts of the fanbase. I’m sure you can probably understand.

Anyway, this post is mostly brought to you by the power of the iM@S Channel iM@S 15th Anniversary Stream. I can’t really say I watched a ton of it, admittedly – timezones are pretty unfavourable, so I pretty much just tuned in for the movie and MoIW’14 yesterday morning, and was watching MoIW’15 up until the point I fell asleep… probably some time around 3am, I guess (I pretty much just woke up for the last 20 mins of day 2 this morning).

Still, I’ve got the Side M live on whilst I’m typing this up, which is nice – I mean, it’s an awful lot of fun, but not really something I’d go out of my way to watch under normal circumstances.

Which, to a degree, I guess is the thing with iM@S these days. To a degree, my level of engagement isn’t particularly high as of late, but, well… you can probably just take a look at the idol list on the newly refreshed iM@S website and get a judge as to why. If you want to keep up with everything, it’s a full-time hobby, and I don’t have the time and energy for that these days, I kind of like to be able to do other things, and at a certain point I had to reevaluate my relationship with mobage, which is the primary vector for most of this kind of thing these days.

Not that I don’t play Shiny Colors pretty much every day, and I’m all there for core 765Pro stuff, and I’ll inevitably get sucked into the Million Live cartoon whether I want to or not (even though I’m generally very not a Million Live guy). I guess there’s a Shiny Colors live coming up on the anniversary stream in a bit (at time of writing – I’ll probably delay actually posting this), which will be fun to watch given I mostly play the game on Mute and as such only actually know about a third of the songs. Suppose I should finish mopping up the current events as well.

Although speaking of core 765Pro stuff, it’s easy to forget that we’re supposed to be getting a new home console iM@S game in the relatively near future. I’m looking forward to it, but not a little of that comes down to intense curiosity as to what an iM@S home game even is at this point. I mean, the level of ambition in terms of performances (and just how weird some of the music has been getting recently) in both the Million Live and Cinderella Girls rhythm mobage somewhat outstrips what they have been doing in the home games for a while now, in the kind of way that only a game with a significant monthly income can really justify. It feels like it’s the problem they’ve been trying to solve since iM@S2 and have somewhat failed to come to a decent conclusion for, and increased fidelity only really goes so far versus the unending stream of content a mobile game can offer. Admittedly, though, there’s an appeal to an idol game which actually has a finite amount of content and no eternal grind at this point…

We’ll see, I guess.

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