By George, it’s Love Live Episode 11!

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This week on Love Live, I get hung-up on really weird things. Although I guess that’s the same every week.

It’s not something which is ever particularly laboured in conversation in the show, but it’s quite easy to over-look precisely how close to Akihabara is to the supposed location of our heroines school, and the advantage that likely gives them over a lot of the other idol units who’re active in the country. If we’re to take the idol ratings as a literal popularity position (whatever metric is used to judge such a thing), then there must be at least, what was it, 999 school idol units registered in the ranking system?

Clearly, not all of those are going to be from Tokyo, or even anywhere that there is going to be a significant population base, even forgetting proximity to the hotbeds of crazy idol otaku. The building which A-RISE’s school is based upon is actually in Akihabara (which is why it is mentioned as being their home turf a few episodes back), and that’s obviously a very deliberate decision – regardless of their actual talent, being seated smack in the center of modern idol culture is an advantage, and the fact the show rates A-RISE as being the number one idol group is clearly indicative of something.

Anyway, I don’t really have a specific point about that, so enough pre-amble…

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #9-R

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Is that “R” for Random Update, “R” for Rediscovered, or “R” for Revengeance? Or, perhaps it’s just “R” for Really Need to Come Up With A Stupid Denominator for This Update.

Whenever I start one of these UIMC series, I tend to start by making sure I put three or four comics “in the bank”, as it were – that is, I put a few to the side so that in the event of there being an update day where I lack the time, motivation or idea for a comic, I still have something to post. As such, I’ve been sitting on a couple of comics since December that I didn’t get around to posting.

Not that they’re particularly interesting. I guess that’s part of the reason I didn’t get around to posting. It mostly came out of my desire to funnel my love of iM@S into something vaguely productive or humorous. Obviously, this was supposed to be part of a longer series – I’d actually thought I had a third one in the can, but obviously it must have just been something I thought more strenuously about than the further continuation. Maybe there’s a pencil sketch of it on a sheet of paper deposited in some long-forgotten corner. I can’t find it, anyway.

One of the super secret agendas behind series 9 of UIMC was to build up something more of an extended cast. This wasn’t so much as an attempt to do something as unrealistic as, you know, building up some kind of fandom, but rather had more to do with certain top secret projects which have, presently, gone nowhere for precisely the same reasons as the comic has’t gone anywhere. Part of my intended intention had been to do more short-series like those old Snap Club comics, but it didn’t really pan out like that.

The problem with running those kind of series is that, well, I kind of start to feel bad if I don’t revisit them on a regular basis. Then you get to the point where you have to devote one or two comics a week to the continuation of various comicking sidelines, which starts to make it hard to fit anything remotely topical into the running schedule. Which is why I tend to leave these things until closer to the end of the run of the comics, when I start to struggle to come up with anything else. Which is why I’ve not bothered posting these until now.

Well, that and the fact that they aren’t very interesting. Dojikko and stupid naming practices and all the malarkey. But, hey, it’s not like I’ve posted much else recently!

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #G-1

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Concept by Peter Shillito, Artification by RoxasTsuna

Because I’m on personal hiatus, I did what any self-respecting interweb-comic-like-artist would do an put out a shout to see if any sucker wanted to chip in and do my work for m….errrr…. any fine fellows wished to submit a guest comic. I’ve not really got many artist friends, though, so I just did a rather half-hearted solicitation on the Twitters. Much to my astonishment, I actually got a bite? Go me, I guess!

If anyone else wants to have a go – and I have absolutely no standards or expectations terms of quality of art at all (Yes, even MSPaint is fine – heck, I’d probably except a frankencomic assembled cut-and-paste from my own art, assuming it wasn’t tasteless) – fling me an e-mail at, well, pretty much any address will work, really (the most obvious works best, most likely).

Unfunny Internet Break Day

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Okay, so no comic this evening. I’ve just gotten back from being at Kitacon over the weekend, as whilst it was a lot of fun (well, aside from that terrible second Gantz movie running on way longer than the DVD case claimed, but I suppose that was at least An Anecdote of sorts), the trip home was kind of exhausting.

Which was mostly my fault, admittedly, for thinking that walking three miles whilst carrying my luggage was a sensible idea despite how unhealthy I am, but what’s done is done ^^;

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #9-45

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I’m actually at an anime con at the moment, so I’ll keep this brief. Not that there’s actually anything going on at this point in the morning, but it seemed like a pretty good excuse.

Actually, I will say that the Noitamina block shows have really nailed it this season, at least as far as their opening episodes go, with a couple of classic Noitamina-feeling shows. Which is kind of nice after Guilty Crown and BRS, y’know. Well, that and it’s nice that these two are streaming to the UK.

I suppose that’s to be expected from Kids on the Slope, to a degree, being a Watanabe show and all that (though it’s always a little awkward setting expectations upon someone with a relatively small, and certainly a little atypical, output), but it’s a well-made show throw together by people who clearly have a far better understanding of the language of film than most of those working in anime.

Tsuritama, well, it’s always hard to figure out what you are going to get out of Nakamura, but in a sense, I think I prefer it Kids. I feel kind of bad about saying it in this way, but I think a large degree of that is that it’s just more anime than Kids (which is a bit funny, given how one of Kids strongest features is how anime is doesn’t feel). Mostly, I think it’s just that I really liked that one absolutely killer shot of our protagonist being pulled out of the water (sideways) by the fishing pole. I mean, man, that was a great piece of animation.

Also, it has a swan called Tapioca. What’s not to like about that?

(Also, I kind of hate to admit I liked the most recent episode of Sengoku Collection way more than I should have. Perhaps it’s because it, ultimately, had almost sod-all to do with the actual concept of the show. Maybe it’s the subject material it turned it’s hand to. Maybe it’s just that I got a lot of amusement out of the fact that I was constantly toggling my mind between “Man, this is so terrible” and “Actually, this isn’t that bad” throughout the entire episode. In any case, it’s probably earned itself another episode)