By George, it’s Love Live Episode 11!

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This week on Love Live, I get hung-up on really weird things. Although I guess that’s the same every week.

It’s not something which is ever particularly laboured in conversation in the show, but it’s quite easy to over-look precisely how close to Akihabara is to the supposed location of our heroines school, and the advantage that likely gives them over a lot of the other idol units who’re active in the country. If we’re to take the idol ratings as a literal popularity position (whatever metric is used to judge such a thing), then there must be at least, what was it, 999 school idol units registered in the ranking system?

Clearly, not all of those are going to be from Tokyo, or even anywhere that there is going to be a significant population base, even forgetting proximity to the hotbeds of crazy idol otaku. The building which A-RISE’s school is based upon is actually in Akihabara (which is why it is mentioned as being their home turf a few episodes back), and that’s obviously a very deliberate decision – regardless of their actual talent, being seated smack in the center of modern idol culture is an advantage, and the fact the show rates A-RISE as being the number one idol group is clearly indicative of something.

Anyway, I don’t really have a specific point about that, so enough pre-amble…

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #8-13

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Of course, “TV anime” is assumed at the moment, because outside of movies that’s what “anime project” tends to mean these days. Also, the comic only makes sense if I come up with an excuse to ignore the Live4You OAV, since Miki was actually in that. But, yeah, I actually already had my comic lined up for today, then someone went and did something crazy like announcing they’re making an iM@S anime that isn’t transmogrified into a giant robot show. Cool beans and all that, but queue rush-job on my part.

Although speaking of iM@S and giant robot shows, can I just reiterate that Xenoglossia is actually a pretty good show. Sure, it was offered up to Sunrise as a sacrifice for them to be a little subversive with, and as a result doesn’t really bare any similarity with the original work, but compared to most recent Sunrise works it’s not only unusually consistent, but downright coherent. Not that many tend to agree with me, but whatever. I’m content to know that at least I’m right.

(Although on a purely objective level, Zegapain is totally the best Sunrise TV show of the last decade. Probably).

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi DVD 5.857142

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Procrastination is, perhaps, the name of the game here – this post has been delayed not because my DVD was trapped in postal hell, but, infact, has not previously appeared due to me being kind of lazy. Indeed, I’ve sat on it long enough that the final volume of the second season arrived today. Yes, I now know the true conclusion of the epic battle between Man and Troll, DiGiKerot and Chairman Kadokawa.

But I’m not telling you that today – you’ll have to wait for that knowledge. Rather, I’ll be answering far more immediately pressing matters.

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #7-8

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I’m sure that Saten’s bat will somehow prove invaluable to the resolution of the present situation that the cast of Railgun has gotten themselves into, but you have to admit, taken at face value, it doesn’t seem like the most useful of implements.

That said, it’s probably infinitely more useful that Uiharu’s ability to mildly annoy her opponents with warm water or such like.

Unfunny Internet Meme Comics #6-86

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Bayonetta – Kind of nuts. In a good way.

I’m sure there was something else I wanted to write about here this evening, but it’s really not coming to me right now ^^;