Hinano Releases RenAi Blogger Game

Posted by DiGiKerot in Doujin games at August 2, 2008 on 4:17 pm

As you are no doubt really fed up of hearing about by now, Hinano has released her long-awaited Blogger-themed visual novel RenAi Blogger. I figured I’d post about it anyway, though – I know from experience that you really can’t underestimate the amount of work that goes into even a short game, particularly when you are writing and doing all the art assets yourself. The fact that she has managed to maintain enough interest in the project to complete over a period of somewhere in the region of four months is something that deserves kudos.

Also, I’m probably the only one who’s done their own art for their post ^^;

As for thoughts on the game, well, you’ve probably played it already. It’s a fun way to kill and hour or two. the Natsuko path was probably the one which amused me the most, simply because I find lolicon gags in these games way, way, way more amusing than I probably should. The Hinano path of full of lulz too.

As for negatives, well, Jen kind of looks a bit odd in some of her profile shots. This probably wouldn’t be something I’d notice if it wasn’t for the fact that she seems to be missing half her skull on the title screen ^^; I realise that she isn’t actually missing part of her skull, and that it’s just part of the images layout, but it just kind of looks strange to me there. Oh, and if I was really nitpicking things, there’s some minor inconsistencies in the costumes between the CGs and the in-game slates (merely mentioned because I started to get really confused when trying to check some of the costume elements ^^;).

Crap, the negative paragraph now looks longer than my other comments, which really wasn’t the intention here ^^;

By the way, can anyone enlighten me as to what those letters along the base of the text window are for? I have absolutely no idea myself ^^;

Battle Moon Wars 2nd Act

Posted by DiGiKerot in Doujin games, Fate/Stay Night at June 10, 2006 on 10:08 pm

Doujin circle Werk released the trial version of the second act of their Super Robot Wars inspired, Type Moon themed SRPG Battle Moon Wars earlier in the week.Whilst things play more or less the same, there are a few changes – most noticeably the menus. Rather than the text based menus of the previous game, they’ve switched things to use icons. This makes things a little more friendly for the non-literate, but it does end up making things rather more sluggish to play around. Speaking of making things rather more sluggish, the characters walk cycles are better animated this time around at the expense of speed.

ALiBAT v0.5

Posted by DiGiKerot in Doujin games at February 16, 2006 on 9:26 pm

…Or to give it its full title, Record of Rozen War ALiBAT – Anecdote of Alice Game. Its a doujin game by DreamToysFactory, based on Rozen Maiden. Its a 3D action title – two characters are dumped in a square arena in which a number of doll cases randomly appear. Pick one up, and your character obtains a random projectile weapon – varying massively in power and style, and it appears there are a few which only certain characters can obtain – with which you have to attack your opponent. Deplete their energy bar enough and you win the round. Win two rounds and you move onto the next character. Repeat until finished.

Which doesn’t take long.

The v0.5 probably gives it away, but whilst they sold this at C69 its essentially half a game (and half a game which sold for a lot more than better completed doujin games on Y!AJ post-C69). You get Shinku, Suiseiseki and Suigintou (which, admittedly, are the best characters in the show), and thats pretty much it for now. Its an amusing game for about five minutes, as it plays pretty well and the character models are great, but there just isn’t anything to it, and certainly not at the prices it tends to go for. When the full, completed version is released, that might be worth looking at, but this really isn’t.

Coincidently, I had real problems getting this running for a while. Kind of annoying – I run my Windows pretty much constantly with the default codepage set to Japanese thanks to the fact I play a lot of this kind stuff, but this is the first time I had any headaches with Jp software. In the end I had to run it using SBAppLocale (a command line clone of AppLocale – the proper MS version wouldn’t actually work for some bizzare reason…).

Battle Moon Wars – First Act

Posted by DiGiKerot in Doujin games at February 7, 2006 on 9:45 pm

Battle Moon Wars is a doujin game by circle Werk. Its an SRPG, presumably roughly inspired by the Super Robot Wars games (I’ve not played any of them, so can’t say for certain). In terms of more main stream titles, if you’ve any of N1s SRPGs or Final Fantasy Tactics you’ll have the rough idea. Similar to how Super Robot Wars mixes characters from an assortment of famous mecha anime and games, Battle Moon Wars combines characters from Type-Moons Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night, mixes in a couple of originals, and throws them into a neat battle game.

There isn’t really a huge amount more to say about the gameplay. Isometric grid based stage, assortment of badguys (many bizzarely based on Getter Robo from the looks of things), visual novel sections between the battles, the usual kind of thing. You can move around, hit people, use status magic and heal and the like. It plays pretty well – the AI isn’t especially the best, but its passable. As with a lot of these games, positioning characters as to lure and trap opponents into a managable situation. When attacked, by default both parties get a chance to attack assuming you both have attacks within range – with the attacker going first. Even if you have an attack in range, you can choose not to attack in exchange for a far increased chance of avoiding damage. When near death, it can be a god send, particularly on those stages where you lose by losing any single character in your party.

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Lilian Fourhand – Nuclear Soeur Fighters

Posted by DiGiKerot in Doujin games at February 3, 2006 on 10:32 pm

Lilian Fourhand is an on-foot shooter featuring characters from Maria-sama ga Miteru. Its not a million-miles away from games like Konamis Contra/Probotector series in that you go from left-to-right shooting things, interrupted along the way by an assortment of bosses to take down. In Lilian Fourhand, however, the stages auto-scroll – you can’t take things at your own pace as it just keeps moving.

Rather than having a default character who picks up an assortment of weapons, you get to choose one of three Soeur pairs with fixed attacks. Each of the pairs have their own attack, but since you control both at once (and they both shoot at once) you don’t really need to worry about that other than knowing you’ll be firing two attacks at once. Complicating things further is that you get enemies walking along the background taking pot-shots at you, who can’t be taken down with regular attacks – you need to lock-on to them (there’s a choice of lock-on methods, but Auto is for wimps) making things rather more tricky than simply having to shoot. You can actually lose one of your characters down a pit. If you lose your main character, you’ll reappear with a chunk of your health missing. If you lose your petite soeur they’ll disappear for a short while, taking your lock-on skill with them. Eventually they’ll float down from the top of the screen and you’ll have to make contact with them to bring them back into action – miss them and you’ll have to wait a while longer and try again.

The game has six stages set in different surrounds you’ll recognise if you’ve seen the anime version of Marimite, and with the exception of level 6 (which is basically a boss-rush stage, pitting you against bosses you’ve thought previously before throwing you against the final boss) the levels follow the same basic pattern of having two bosses – one half way through the stage, and one end. The bosses, unsurprisingly, are all characters from the series. It’ll raise a few smiles from those who are familiar with the series, though not likely as much as a laugh.

I really like Lilian Fourhand. Its a really polished, really playable game. It looks about as nice as a game like this can, the music is suitable and pleasant, and the stages are really well done, not simply being wave after wave of the same attacks. The game itself is fairly short, though you’d have to be pretty good to get through the whole game in the “normal” difficulty in one go with only the credits you are given by the game. If you are the obsessive type, the desire to improve your game and score is there in spades. Truthfully, its just incredibly playable a game – the only possible blackmark is that having separate buttons to shoot left and right is a bit awkward, but given you need to shoot in the opposite direction to which you walk fairly often (particularly against bosses) its forgivable, particularly given you get used to it pretty quickly.

Its not going to give the upper echelon of the professional genre games much of a head-ache – it falls a little short of the likes of Contra III, though it feels a little fairer a game to me than Metal Slug (that may just be that I suck at that game) – but its definitely worth a look if you a genre obsessive or a MariMite fan boy.

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