Hackadoll is the Secret Best WUG Anime

Posted by DiGiKerot in Wake Up Girls! at October 2, 2015 on 9:46 pm

Well, maybe not, though most of my exposure to the IP as a whole comes from the fact that I apparently know way too many WUGners.

Hackadoll is kind of a weird one. Anime based upon mobile, Free-to-play games are not an uncommon commodity. There’s money in F2P games, but the issue with all those games is in user turn-over. Flashy adverts attracting niche audiences, particularly ones with fluid disposable income, is kind of an important part of the life-cycle of these things, as they require the attention of a constant stream of new players to sustain themselves, and that’s why things like Rage of Bahamut: Genesis end up existing.

So there’s a new WUG movie PV

Posted by DiGiKerot in Wake Up Girls! at August 8, 2015 on 9:23 pm

Not that there’s a whole lot to say about it, though I do continue to love Yoppi’s radical new hairdo. That, and the return of everyone’s favourite character, Kuniyoshi Ota. Huzzah!

Wake Up Girls Zoo is the Most Real Cartoon

Posted by DiGiKerot in Wake Up Girls! at January 28, 2015 on 1:49 pm

At least, the WUG Wrestling Championship seems to be more real than the WWE is this week.

The Token End of Year Post 2014

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk, idolmaster, Random Stuff, Wake Up Girls! at January 4, 2015 on 11:14 pm

2014 was a year in which the country of Japan continued to exist, and continued to invest in the production of cartoons. Some of them were made available outside Japan, and occasionally – just occasionally – I watched some of them.

The following is a collection of nonsense words about some of those cartoons I watched. Not necessarily the best ones I watched, or even necessarily good ones, but most certainly ones I watched. Also maybe some I didn’t in passing.

Speaking of things I didn’t actually watch, keeping up the usual tradition, I’ve still not got around to watching Gundam Unicorn, though I guess I’ve now got the entire series sitting around on Blu-Ray. I also didn’t get around to watching the new episode of Code Geass:Akito the Exiled, but that’s mostly a result of it not actually existing yet.

I should probably also point out that, for the first time in years, I didn’t watch either of this last years Precure movies. I guess that’s what DokiDoki will do for you, but it did rather give me a gap in terms of things to write about this year.

So, I guess they announced another WUG movie…

Posted by DiGiKerot in Wake Up Girls! at December 14, 2014 on 10:23 pm

So, at todays (well, yesterdays by current Japan time) Wake Up, Girls! versus I-1 Club event, they announced that the legend that is Yutaka Yamamoto was once again donning his directors hat (or suit-and-tie, more likely) and crafting the theatrical sequel to the Wake Up, Girls! anime that the world was waiting for.

Not that the trailer that they released was much other than a long build-up to Yoppis rather radical new hair-do, although I guess they do show-off the fact that they fixed some of that concert footage from the TV show for the BDs in the process. The cynic in me (well, the one who is behind on extra-curricular WUG material, anyway) wonders if the short-cut is because people kept getting Yoppi and MayuC mixed up, but then I also wonder if that was only a problem amongst some of the folks in Western fandom that I know.