Random Wafflage: Educational Edition

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at June 23, 2019 on 4:30 pm

Well, whoops, I guess I’ve not posted for a while, so let’s just ramble for a bit.

If you’ve been into London recently, it’s probably hard to miss the fact that the British Museum are running a Manga exhibit through to the back-end of August, largely because of the large posters of Asirpa from Golden Kamuy that are plastered all over the public transport network there. It’s a wee bit of an excursion from my neck of the woods, but I ended up popping along for a look yesterday.

Token End of Year Post 2017

Posted by DiGiKerot in idolmaster, Love Live!, Random Stuff at January 2, 2018 on 1:49 pm

Is this, perhaps, the most 2017 of statements?

This years Gundam Unicorn update is… I’ve still not watched more Gundam Unicorn. Although I somehow thought buying the second half of ZZ, which just turned up today, was a good idea? Whoops.

Let’s just put this lack of Unicorn-related momentum down to it being a good harvest this year. It feels like there’s been a constant stream of at least one thing a week I was particularly excited about watching every week for the last year, and at some points I was watching something new pretty much every evening. It’s been a good year for TV anime.

From a theatrical anime point of view, it feels a bit odd to call a year with not one, but two, new Yuasa efforts comparatively weak, but that probably more to do with how ludicrously stacked parts of last year ended up being, with things like A Silent Voice, From This Corner of the World, Kizumonogatari I&II and, I suppose, Your Name. Then again, it’s been a nice year to be in the UK in that regard, because we ended up getting at least something in cinemas here almost even month, and it’s entirely possible that any perceived weakness was more a result of not binging the years best content over a weekend, given the way this years SLA line-up panned out.

Also, that I’ve not been able to see the new Nanoha movie yet. Or No Game No Life. Or Heavens Feel. Guess there’s still some good stuff left to see after all.

Anyway, usual format from here on out. Spoilers ahoy, and don’t necessarily take anything I write about below this point as being that glowing an endorsement. I tend not to write about my actual favourite stuff of the year, since that’s hard, so, this is just the first few things I could actually formula any words on.


Otakon 2017 Notes

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at August 17, 2017 on 7:31 pm

I made my now seemingly annual trip to Otakon last week – I think it’s my fifth at this point, which isn’t the insane 20 or so of some folks I know, but I do have an entire ocean separating me from it. Still, time flies, and all that. In fact, time flies so much that I complete forgot to finish that post about AX last month. Whoops.

AX 2017 Prep Notes

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at June 30, 2017 on 4:11 am

Turns out I’m in LA for AnimeExpo this weekend. You know, idols and all that, not that I’m particularly well prepared for it. I guess I’m mostly just going to wing it in all my efforts this weekend.

Anyway, Omo has more useful notes than I’m likely to make, so go read those.

Revisiting Katyusha

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at October 24, 2016 on 6:23 pm

I saw a festival screening of the Girls und Panzer movie at the Scotland Loves Anime event in Edinburgh yesterday. This isn’t the first screening on the movie outside of Japan – it played at a convention in the US a couple of weeks back following Sentais licensing announcement for it, at least, but it may well be the second, and certainly is of the official English subtitled version.