Minor PSA: iDOLM@STER on Daisuki

Posted by DiGiKerot in idolmaster at January 13, 2015 on 1:39 pm

I don’t usually write about this kind of news these days, but, hey, I figure there’s probably an exception to be made for many a thing in life.

So, to presumably to tie in with the Cinderella Girls anime which is now airing, Daisuki have started uploading episodes of the original iM@S TV show. “Big whoop” is probably your reaction to that, but the specific interesting thing about this is that, unlike the North America-only stream of the series on Crunchyroll, the regional restrictions applied on Daisuki appear to be more inline with those they have on Cinderella Girls.

That is to say, this marks the first occasion that the show is available in the UK (and at least some parts of of the rest of Europe, I gather). Now, this isn’t the first iM@S material available over here, as whilst we were deprived of iOS Shiny Festa, Animax picked up the second (and only the second) series of Puchimas a couple of seasons back, but I guess it’s the most significant.

That being said, yeah, yeah, Daisuki. As someone who keeps a PC hooked up to the television for use as my primary anime delivery mechanism these days, I actually managed to watch through the first episode of Cinderella Girls and Tsukimonogatari flawlessly, which is a big improvement over trying to watch Hanamonogatari last year (I gave up). I understand that for those folks who like to stream their cartoons via their games consoles it’s not particularly useful (though Daisuki do have mobile/tablet apps), but, hey, it’s one less excuse I’m going to accept for having not jumped on the cartoon idol bandwagon in the future.

I Suppose I’ll Say Something about Cinderella Girls #1

Posted by DiGiKerot in Cinderella Girls, idolmaster at January 10, 2015 on 12:13 am

This is an obligation post, to a degree. I figure that people would think it would be weird for a new iM@S cartoon (or just a new late night otaku idol anime) to air without me passing some kind of comment on it, but, as I’ve previously mentioned, I don’t really DereM@S. This isn’t really my territory, and I can’t really tell anyone anything that they couldn’t pick up just as quickly by skimming the fan wikis instead. I mean, whilst I’m the kind of guy who knows about most of the surreal Uedo Suzuho cards purely by cultural osmosis, I’m really not equipped to pick up the apparent use of Nation Blue, instrumental or otherwise, in the soundtrack.

The Token End of Year Post 2014

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk, idolmaster, Random Stuff, Wake Up Girls! at January 4, 2015 on 11:14 pm

2014 was a year in which the country of Japan continued to exist, and continued to invest in the production of cartoons. Some of them were made available outside Japan, and occasionally – just occasionally – I watched some of them.

The following is a collection of nonsense words about some of those cartoons I watched. Not necessarily the best ones I watched, or even necessarily good ones, but most certainly ones I watched. Also maybe some I didn’t in passing.

Speaking of things I didn’t actually watch, keeping up the usual tradition, I’ve still not got around to watching Gundam Unicorn, though I guess I’ve now got the entire series sitting around on Blu-Ray. I also didn’t get around to watching the new episode of Code Geass:Akito the Exiled, but that’s mostly a result of it not actually existing yet.

I should probably also point out that, for the first time in years, I didn’t watch either of this last years Precure movies. I guess that’s what DokiDoki will do for you, but it did rather give me a gap in terms of things to write about this year.

I suppose I should say something about the dereM@S PV…

Posted by DiGiKerot in idolmaster at December 1, 2014 on 1:05 pm

I’m sure there’s probably at least some expectation that I’m going to break (the entirely unintentional) radio silence surround this blog and say something about the Cinderella Girls TV anime PV which was released to coincide with this weekend gones live. That being said, I’m really not the person to ask about any of the mobaM@S properties – I don’t dereM@S or MilliLive to any real degree.

Well, I suppose I should say something about One for All…

Posted by DiGiKerot in Gaming, idolmaster at September 23, 2014 on 7:30 pm

I suppose it’s probably long past the point where me actually saying something about One for All is productive or useful to anyone. It’s not really through a lack of playing it, mind you, more a combination of laziness and bad timing. Whilst I’d well prepared for the games launch back in May, booking time off work to play it, I ultimately decided that it’d be far more productive to spend that time on a last minute trip to Chicago to ogle real-life idols instead of cartoon ones. Missing that launch window really threw off my timing, though.

Still, though, four months, a Platinum trophy and the best part of eighty hours of play time later, I guess I should write at least something about it.