Random Wafflage: Transfer Edition

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk, Linebarrels at February 3, 2009 on 8:21 pm

If you think you seen these before, than you are problem right. Unless, you know, you haven’t visited the site in a week or two, in which case maybe you haven’t. The reasoning for their reappearance here is that the domain was shuffled across to a different destination over-night, I’d forgotten to take make a WordPress export file after I’d posted them, and I can’t really be faffed with trying to recover two posts about Linebarrels and some moaning about the exchange rate. Hence, they are reposted here just to ensure I keep Linebarrels covered.

Speaking of Linebarrels and transfers, this leads into why I’ve not got around to doing the two most recent episode (though I have watched them). Aside from my usual procrastination, aided by the fact I knew the domain transfer would occur this week, that is. The video cable running to the display of my most recent laptop seems to have become internally frayed to the point that the display doesn’t work properly, forcing a drop-back to my previous laptop. This isn’t too bad in-and-of itself – my old laptop is still a pretty well specced machine – but I kinda seem to have lost all reference of my Paint Tool Sai license details, and I’m once again procrastinating about having to rebuy the thing. Suppose I could do it in Photoshop, but it’d probably turn out even more janky than usual ^^;

Linebarrels of Iron 13

Posted by DiGiKerot in Linebarrels, Unfunny at December 28, 2008 on 8:15 pm

This week on Linebarrels, things start off in what has become it’s usual pattern of being rather, well, moronic (including the token buy-the-DVD’s steam-laden shower scene), only for a not-so-shocking betrayal to completely ruin the atmosphere by forcing a jump into serious mode. Oh noes!

Oh, and Emi is apparently all Factor-y and able of pilot Linebarrel. That’s probably actually far more significant than the betrayal of a character that no-one liked, didn’t actually appear all that often and will probably be dying in a few episodes time.

Linebarrels of Iron 12

Posted by DiGiKerot in Linebarrels, Unfunny at December 21, 2008 on 5:52 pm

More than one panel seemed like overkill for this weeks episode ^^;

Linebarrels of Iron 11

Posted by DiGiKerot in Linebarrels, Unfunny at December 13, 2008 on 6:15 pm

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m no good at drawing robots, and since this episode predominantly featured robots doing stuff, I went off on a tangent instead. There’s nothing really, really significant of interest in this weeks episode anyway.

Linebarrels of Iron 10

Posted by DiGiKerot in Linebarrels at December 6, 2008 on 7:37 pm

Alternate caption for the last panel – PIGS…. IN….. SPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

So, I guess Doumyoji isn’t necessarily a badguy after all, rather a member of the JSDF. We shall see, I guess.

Otherwise, yeah, it’s an episode of Linebarrels. Nothing much else to be said about it, really.