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Madhouse seem to have this curious habit of making movies that don’t appear for quite some time. Admittedly, this is rarely for the same reasons – things like Redline fail to materialise simply because they take so long to actually make, whilst things like Clover and the other Clamp shorts were too short to have a reasonable home release vector (not that it didn’t stop them from eventually releasing a DVD of nothing but Clover).

In the case of Hells, and adaptation of the Shinichi Hiromoto manga Hell’s Angels, it looks to have been stuck in something of a legal quagmire since it’s theatrical debut in 2008, until it finally saw release on blu-ray in Japan about a month ago. A blu-ray with English subtitles, at that.

Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below

Posted by DiGiKerot in One shots at October 19, 2011 on 2:54 pm

Makoto Shinkai made a return to London yesterday for a screening of his latest work, Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (or Children who Chase Long Titles, as I like to refer to it, or Hoshi o Ou Kodomo as I’d call it if I was serious about shortening the name) as part of this years London Film Festival. Since I clearly haven’t spent way too much time in cinemas recently, and certainly not far too long on trains travelling between them, I made the trip down to see it.

Something seems kind of familiar…

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I can’t help but think there’s something astonishingly familiar about this screencap from, of all things, Halo Legends, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…