Scotland Loves Anime 2012 – Weekend The First, Day The Third

Posted by DiGiKerot in Events at October 17, 2012 on 2:24 pm

The final day of the Glasgow wing of this years Scotland Loves Anime event started off with a screening of the first Tiger and Bunny movie. Which, of course, I skipped. Nothing against Tiger and Bunny, mind you, more that I’d thankfully seen the movie back when it screened in London, and I say “thankfully” as the screening clashed with a QA session with K-On! director Naoko Yamada which was starting but a half-hour later. I’d probably have been annoyed if I hadn’t seen Tiger and Bunny previously, but as it is, I guess the scheduling may have been a move to throttle down the number of people who wanted to attend the free-ticketed QA session to more manageable levels.

Scotland Loves Anime – Weekend The First, Day The Second

Posted by DiGiKerot in Events at October 16, 2012 on 7:04 pm

The second day of this years Glasgow wing of Scotland Loves Anime opened with the token film that no-one seemed to know much about, Afterschool Midnighters, a fairly recent CGI effort, apparently based on an earlier short film which gained some popularity in France (and it, indeed, looks like the kind of thing that’d be popular in France, no insult intended). It centers around around a rather ludicrously elaborate and huge elementary school, which certainly has the scale to put the overblown educational structures of a SHAFT production to shame, if not the necessary baroque architecture. When three friends who are looking to attend the school sneak into the soon-to-be-demolished science room and mess around with the anatomical figure, it has some unforeseen consequences.

Scotland Loves Anime 2012 – Weekend the First, Day The First

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Yes, it’s that time of year once again where I decamp up to Scotland for two weekends in a row to watch a whole bunch of anime in the cinema. Oh, what a difficult life I lead.

Not that this year’s event actually started with an anime screening – rather, they went with the live-action version of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, quite possibly a wise move given it sold out in advance of the screening. The movie was directed by somewhat infamous director Takashi Miike, who seems to throw together half a dozen movies a year, and has gone from making crazy low-budget movies to equally crazy movies but with a higher budget.

Not that I’ve seen many of them, beyond 13 Assassins from a couple of years back (which is a very entertaining Seven Samurai-esque affair, if a little slow in the middle). 13 Assassins wasn’t really channelling the craziness that Miike is known for, though. Ace Attorney, however, most certainly was.