My-iDOL Otonokizaka Taisen – Love Live series 2, episode 13

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This week on Love Live… there was no Love Live, but, hey, there’s nothing quite like the removal of the episodic Sword of Damocles from over ones head to lead to the best part of a months worth of procrastination. Well, that and the Nico School Idol Festival event (I don’t want to talk about it), finding time to play One for All, and all that new anime starting up to try and check out (Could PriPara fill the Love Live-shaped cartoon-idol hole in our lives? Probably not – it’s CG is too good)

LOVE LiVELM@STER: To The Nico’ing Other Side – Love Live series 2, episode 12

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This week on Love Live… It’s not actually the last episode yet.

Of course, the big Love Live news this week is that the sales figures for the first volume of the second series of Love Lives home release are out, and, at over 82.000 copies, it’s breaking all kinds of sales rankings – it’s pretty much the best selling single volume of TV anime, if not ever, then certainly of recent times.

Hida-Maki Sketch: Nico/Nico/Ni Sotsugyo-Hen – Love Live series 2, episode 11

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This week on Love Live… the show takes idol graduation literally, and one is the loneliest number – though one can’t help but notice that BiBi is the unit that’s left with all the actual musical talent. I wonder if Maki will continue to grace the other girls with her gifts, or if they other girls will be stuck with trying to come up with their own music? Will Maki become the first one-girl unit to win the Love Live? Will Lily White even continue to be a thing when Umi alone is lumbered with Rin? Does Maki perform all the musical instruments on their songs herself, or does she just have a really flash synthesizer? All these questions and more, answered… never!

Of course, this weeks Love Live news is mostly about the fact that the second event has launched in the English version of Love Live School Idol Festival. Of course, the issue this time is that people actually have the gist of what they are doing, and they’re out for blood – the loveca have been out in force in a way that wasn’t quite so apparent at the launch of the first event. I’m… doing OK. It’ll probably be a 1000/1000 finish for me this time, as opposed to the 1000/200 finish I managed in the first event, unless that Umi SR card I unlocked last night gives a pretty big boost to my maximum potential Event Song score.

Otherwise, not so much going on, I guess. I’ve been listening to Dancing Stars on Me from the recent insert song single an awful lot. It’s pretty great, but a lot of that is just me liking the goofy sound of the electric keyboard in the songs intro.

But, I digress, mostly out of a lack of things to say this week. It’s a bit of a weepy, I suppose, but there’s not really much to unpack about extended sequences of girls bawling their eyes out. Unless that’s a particular fetish of yours or something. Hey, I’ll not judge you (at least not publicly).

Anyway, This Week in Love Live…

The Casefile of Young Tsubasa Returns – Love Live series 2, episode 10

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This week in Love Live… don’t tell me you didn’t see this cut of Tsubasa and didn’t think she looked like she should have been in a detective drama.

Which, forget all this moooo’s nonsense, is the real gist of this episode – how the heck in A-RISE even lose in the first place? Clearly, Tsubasa’s little grey cells are working on it overtime, and it’s elementary that she isn’t going to let things rest without asking just one more thing.


It does leave me pondering the validity of a detective spin-off from Love Live starring the members of A-RISE, just to contemplate something other than the Xenoglossia-esque robot show many folks joke about. They’ve probably got the cast down at least – Tsubasa is obviously the private dick, which I guess makes Anju the plucky secretary who gets involved deep enough to be well out of her depth, and Erena the femme-fatale with a pistol hidden in her fishnets. Well, something like that, anyway.

But I digress, this weeks episode was very much a transitional thing, in so much as not a whole lot of consequence happened beyond an extended decompression of the tension of last weeks episode.

In other digressional news, however, aside from the end of the LLSIF event this week (yeah, I got Sheep Kotori, not that the last couple of hours of watching those tables fluctuate wildly whilst I paid half-attention to the E3 press conferences weren’t stressful), a bunch of stuff turned up in the mail this week. Mainly my English Love Live Weiss Schwarz cards.

Bishojou Idol Sailor Muse Crystal – Love Live series 2, episode 9

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Because even Sailor Moon knows that NicoNicoNi-ing is serious business. Also, Moon Princess Halataion.

Also, Love Live doesn’t have toast either.

How are you guys doing in the first English School Idol Festival event, anyway? I guess I’m not doing too badly – there’s still a ways to go, and who knows that is going to happen when people potentially start getting desperate in the last few hours before it concludes, but I’m floating around the mid-500s for the event overall, and the 40s in the Event Song rankings. It puts me a reasonable position to get that second Kotori SR card for idolisation, but there continues to be a lot of churn below that rank 200 mark, so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll get desperate and burn through my last four stones!