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Brought to you today by the fact that I can barely swivel my head in here without my eyes falling across some kind of Puchimas! related plush(*), although having one perched ontop of both my television and my PC monitors goes some way to rendering that incredibly likely where-ever I look. Seriously, though, those things were out in force in the Otakon dealers hall this year, and it makes a nice change from the dominance of Love Live crane figures that most anime conventions have been straining under for the last few years (though it did mean I was able to pick up the Starpiece Ritsuko figures. There’s still not enough Ritsuko figures). There was something of an upswing in the amount of iM@S merch in general, honestly, though that’s probably as much to do with the increased number of prize figure releases as it does anything else. I shudder to think of the consequences of the same happening at UK events, though.

This post is also, somewhat more obviously, brought to you by the number 11, which is the number of years which this blog has been sat in this corner of the internet. This is the point, one supposes, where the number of years of existence is getting alarmingly close to surpassing the number of posts made in a given year (even if the average still puts me at over 100 per annum). There’s little other than plain laziness to blame on that front, I guess – at the minimum, it’s not like it really takes a whole lot of time to hammer out a couple of hundred words about a tangerine box popping up in a show or anything, and I’m sure there’s other things I could actually be writing about without too much effort being involved. Must try better, I suppose!

(*) I have fullsize Chicchan, PiyoPiyo, Io and Evil Harukasan, and small Koami, Komami, Chicchan, PiyoPiyo, Hakurasan, Chihya, and Takanya right now. I also have a photograph of me wand Chicchan with satirical Japanese office-lady electro-rap duo, but I’m not the sort to share pictures of myself in the internets.

Chika*Chika Idol…

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Omo has probably already written most of what I’d want to say about this, but given I’ve not posted in the best part of a couple of months, I suppose I should probably persist.

The short version is that veteran anime director Hiroshi Nishikiori has launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce a 3DCG idol anime short called Chika*Chika Idol, which is somewhat unfortunately floundering on two different fronts.

The Token End of Year Post 2015

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For the sixth year running I must, once again, confess that I’ve yet to watch a single episode of Gundam Unicorn. This is particularly bad at this point, because I’ve actually some how managed to get around to seeing the first couple of episodes of Gundam the Origin this year, not to mention being fully up-to-date on Iron Blooded Orphans.

Seriously, I’ll totally crack open those BDs this year.

Anyway, here’s too many words to be actually worth reading about some cartoons from this year. Spoilers be lurking thar below!

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas, one and all, and because I’ve been out most the day and have noooooo time to commit something new to digital ink, have this dumb image from a Christmas card I sent my brother this year. Fury Road was a pretty great movie anyway.

Anyhow, whilst I’m here, I may as well make a brief public service announcement – Daisuki dropped note on their Twitter feed earlier today to mention the fact that iDOLM@STER will be dropping off their service on the 31st of the month. This is just the original series, not Cinderella Girls, but given this is the only point of legitimate English availability for large portions of the world (including the UK), well… if your seasonal back-log schedule isn’t already overfilled, and you’ve not seen the show already, it is well beyond worth watching.

Also, episode 22 is totally seasonally relevant!

(Also, for what it’s worth, the finale of Hackadoll this week totally had an extended combined Fist of the Northstar/MadMax pastiche going for a while, as well as also being probably a better Dragonball than Super often reportedly is)

10th Anniversary?

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Apparently it’s been ten years since I made the first update on this blog. I can’t really say I have anything particularly thought-provoking to say about the matter, but, hey, here’s a post acknowledging this fact, now freeing me up to do more important things like sneak around in a virtual cardboard box. Yay.