The Token End of Year Post 2014

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk, idolmaster, Random Stuff, Wake Up Girls! at January 4, 2015 on 11:14 pm

2014 was a year in which the country of Japan continued to exist, and continued to invest in the production of cartoons. Some of them were made available outside Japan, and occasionally – just occasionally – I watched some of them.

The following is a collection of nonsense words about some of those cartoons I watched. Not necessarily the best ones I watched, or even necessarily good ones, but most certainly ones I watched. Also maybe some I didn’t in passing.

Speaking of things I didn’t actually watch, keeping up the usual tradition, I’ve still not got around to watching Gundam Unicorn, though I guess I’ve now got the entire series sitting around on Blu-Ray. I also didn’t get around to watching the new episode of Code Geass:Akito the Exiled, but that’s mostly a result of it not actually existing yet.

I should probably also point out that, for the first time in years, I didn’t watch either of this last years Precure movies. I guess that’s what DokiDoki will do for you, but it did rather give me a gap in terms of things to write about this year.

Seasonal Salutations!

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at December 25, 2014 on 8:37 pm

Leaving this a little late by UK standards (and certainly by Japanese ones!), but whatever, it’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, not that any of that is particularly worth going into. Just forgive the hastiness of this post is all.

Anyway, have yourselves a happy holiday season, folks, and maybe I’ll actually get around to writing something for the Token End Of Year Post on the first of the year.

International Waffle Day The Ninth

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at September 6, 2014 on 9:51 pm

Well, it would seem that in my rush to not update the blog with something in over a month due to a bout of post-Love Live malaise, I managed to completely miss the fact that the ninth anniversary of me staking a claim over this particular corner of the internet passed yesterday. Whoops. Oh, well, at least it’s not an important anniversary like the tenth or something!

I’d like to pretend that I’m really busy – and in fairness, I did take a couple of weeks out in the US in order to make a return visit to Otakon (Altima were great – Motsu is pretty baller – and Saori Hayami was adorable, though I’m still pretty frustrated at having to skip the panel to even stand a chance of getting her autograph) – but since I’ve gotten back… there’s simply not been anything I’ve felt it necessary to write about. Admittedly, the unceasing onslaught of LLSIF events eat up time, and the Midway event in KanColle (yes, I’m still playing) certainly did too, but it’s not like I’m not watching and enjoying cartoons or anything. I suppose I should probably get around to writing something about iM@S OfA, though. It’s not like I’ve not clocked-up the best part of seventy hours in that thing at this point.

Those Vita Love Live games, on the other hand… not so much. They’re kinda bad!

Random Wafflage: Drowning in a Hole Edition

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at March 30, 2014 on 11:55 pm

This is the point where I realise, point out, and apologise for that fact that I’ve not updated in a smidgen over a month now. I’ve done what I was fearing might happen, and fallen into that KanColle hole for some inexplicable reason – I mean, I’m not really engaging with it in much beyond the core game. I’m not reading any of the fan comics, and even as far as the ingame content goes, I’m mostly just scanning the translated character dialogue for the particularly cute shipgirls on the Wikia. I figure it’ll lead to less disappointment when the anime inevitably doesn’t capture the characters personality in the same fashion as [insert fanwork-or-tie-in-manga here].

The Token End of Year Post 2013

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For the fourth year running, I’m going to have to confess that I’ve still not watched Gundam Unicorn. Yes, I have all, what is it, six episodes that they’ve released thus far sitting on my bookcase, but that this point, I may as well wait until the last episode is released rather than struggle, as I did with the second episode of Code Geass Akito a couple of days back, to remember what happened in the previous instalment once the long wait for the finale is over.

As for how the rest of the year ended up panning out, at least anime-wise, I feel it’s gone pretty well. Maybe it’s just a warm afterglow of this last season of the year, with shows like Kill la Kill, Kyousougiga, Build Fighters and Yozakura Quartet, it’s been a really strong last quarter in terms of the kind of cartoons I enjoy watching, even if the New Years episode of Sword Art I’m subjecting myself to whilst trying to finalise this post leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

Anyway, on with the usual Token End of Year Post format. Just bear in mind that this is in no-way an Anime of the Year post, more just a bunch of things I feel like writing about – otherwise this’d be a whole mess of words about Yamato 2199 or Gatchaman Crowds (looking forward to that BD-version final episode) or some other show that isn’t about Attacking Titans that I don’t really mention. There’s plenty of others out there expounding the virtues of their version of the best of the year if that’s what you really want to know.