Lilian Fourhand – Nuclear Soeur Fighters

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There are a few extras hidden in the game to reward the obsessive gamers. The first thing one might notice is that for every half hour you clock up playing the game you unlock an extra credit, and eventually (after about six hours I think) you will unlock freeplay mode (which will make Hard Mode rather more doable).

There are a few less obvious ones, however. Firstly, you want to be looking at completing the game with all three pairs of characters. Its easier than you might think – complete the game with Shimako and Noriko on Easy mode, then simply replay the last stage with the other doing. Doing this will unlock…

Yumi and Touko
Attack Power – 5
Attack Range – 5
Lock-on – 9

Yumi plays like she does with Sachiko – a wide spread of fairly weak but rapidfire attacks. Touko, unsurprisingly, fires drills attacks which are very damaging, but whilst moderately rapid there is a bit of a delay before they go flying off. They top Shimako and Noriko, however, simply because Toukos drills have a full-screen range as opposed to Norikos short range.

Complete the game using Yumi and Touko (again, just the last stage will do) will allow you to do a custom character selection by pressing either up or down on the character select screen – this allows you to use the all-conquering combination of Shimako and Touko.

Completing the game as Yumi and Touko should also open up the Special option on the main menu. This gives you a bunch of extra points game modes –

Endless – Endless stream of opponents.
1000Junk – Kill 1000 opponents as quickly as possible.
2 Minutes – Kill as many as possible in 2 minutes.
3million pts – Gain 3m points as quickly as possible.

The rest are an assortment of vs. boss challenges. The Endless, 1000Junk, 2min and 3m modes are pretty insane with the number of opponents they throw at you!

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