International Waffle Day The Ninth

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at September 6, 2014 on 9:51 pm

Well, it would seem that in my rush to not update the blog with something in over a month due to a bout of post-Love Live malaise, I managed to completely miss the fact that the ninth anniversary of me staking a claim over this particular corner of the internet passed yesterday. Whoops. Oh, well, at least it’s not an important anniversary like the tenth or something!

I’d like to pretend that I’m really busy – and in fairness, I did take a couple of weeks out in the US in order to make a return visit to Otakon (Altima were great – Motsu is pretty baller – and Saori Hayami was adorable, though I’m still pretty frustrated at having to skip the panel to even stand a chance of getting her autograph) – but since I’ve gotten back… there’s simply not been anything I’ve felt it necessary to write about. Admittedly, the unceasing onslaught of LLSIF events eat up time, and the Midway event in KanColle (yes, I’m still playing) certainly did too, but it’s not like I’m not watching and enjoying cartoons or anything. I suppose I should probably get around to writing something about iM@S OfA, though. It’s not like I’ve not clocked-up the best part of seventy hours in that thing at this point.

Those Vita Love Live games, on the other hand… not so much. They’re kinda bad!

Mikan Watch #90: Engaged to the Unidentified

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at July 30, 2014 on 10:55 pm

Proving weak against UFOs, from the ending credits to Engaged to the Unidentified (Mikakunin de Shinkoukei), because I can actually watch it in on CR whilst being in the US?

Mashiro best character, Konoha Secret Best character, Benio kind of annoying, Kobeni really just sort of there most the time, yadda yadda yadda. Not much to say about the show, but I do think the upcoming Mashiro Nendoroid looks pretty great – it has fun faces, and comes with Mokele-mbembe. Which is mostly just neat because Mokele-mbembe is a fun name.


I dunno, though, the Nendoroid line really feels like it’s on an upsurge at the moment, in terms of fun character choices and faces – I mean, I was just popping onto AmiAmi to pull a link for the Mashiro nendoroid and notice that a cute Zvezda nendo has been listed (although if it was Professor Um or White Robin, I’d probably be twice as all over it). I’m sure I’d be all about that Renge nendo if I’d seen more of Non-Non Biyori as well, and all those Kill la Kill toys look great…

Meh, the worries of a merch-purchaser. I don’t have room for all the nendos I have already, let alone the ones I have on order. Also, Cu-poche’s are still great as well.

(Also Nico-Nico-Ni, obviously, because what’s a post here these days without mentioning Love Live?)

My-iDOL Otonokizaka Taisen – Love Live series 2, episode 13

Posted by DiGiKerot in Love Live! at July 21, 2014 on 8:18 pm

This week on Love Live… there was no Love Live, but, hey, there’s nothing quite like the removal of the episodic Sword of Damocles from over ones head to lead to the best part of a months worth of procrastination. Well, that and the Nico School Idol Festival event (I don’t want to talk about it), finding time to play One for All, and all that new anime starting up to try and check out (Could PriPara fill the Love Live-shaped cartoon-idol hole in our lives? Probably not – it’s CG is too good)

LOVE LiVELM@STER: To The Nico’ing Other Side – Love Live series 2, episode 12

Posted by DiGiKerot in Love Live! at June 25, 2014 on 10:36 pm

This week on Love Live… It’s not actually the last episode yet.

Of course, the big Love Live news this week is that the sales figures for the first volume of the second series of Love Lives home release are out, and, at over 82.000 copies, it’s breaking all kinds of sales rankings – it’s pretty much the best selling single volume of TV anime, if not ever, then certainly of recent times.

Hida-Maki Sketch: Nico/Nico/Ni Sotsugyo-Hen – Love Live series 2, episode 11

Posted by DiGiKerot in Love Live! at June 22, 2014 on 11:38 am

This week on Love Live… the show takes idol graduation literally, and one is the loneliest number – though one can’t help but notice that BiBi is the unit that’s left with all the actual musical talent. I wonder if Maki will continue to grace the other girls with her gifts, or if they other girls will be stuck with trying to come up with their own music? Will Maki become the first one-girl unit to win the Love Live? Will Lily White even continue to be a thing when Umi alone is lumbered with Rin? Does Maki perform all the musical instruments on their songs herself, or does she just have a really flash synthesizer? All these questions and more, answered… never!

Of course, this weeks Love Live news is mostly about the fact that the second event has launched in the English version of Love Live School Idol Festival. Of course, the issue this time is that people actually have the gist of what they are doing, and they’re out for blood – the loveca have been out in force in a way that wasn’t quite so apparent at the launch of the first event. I’m… doing OK. It’ll probably be a 1000/1000 finish for me this time, as opposed to the 1000/200 finish I managed in the first event, unless that Umi SR card I unlocked last night gives a pretty big boost to my maximum potential Event Song score.

Otherwise, not so much going on, I guess. I’ve been listening to Dancing Stars on Me from the recent insert song single an awful lot. It’s pretty great, but a lot of that is just me liking the goofy sound of the electric keyboard in the songs intro.

But, I digress, mostly out of a lack of things to say this week. It’s a bit of a weepy, I suppose, but there’s not really much to unpack about extended sequences of girls bawling their eyes out. Unless that’s a particular fetish of yours or something. Hey, I’ll not judge you (at least not publicly).

Anyway, This Week in Love Live…