Merry Christmas 2021

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at December 25, 2021 on 1:01 am

Seasons Greetings, everybody!

It’s… sure been an entire year, huh? Believe me when I say that was entirely unintentional, but 2021 was sure a year. A year in which I mostly stayed at home and didn’t particularly want to sit typing a whole bunch of stuff whilst sat in front of the computer after having spent the entire day sat in front of the same desk for my day job, you know?

I had kind of been intending to write about Heybot, and I do have a backlog of Mikan Watch posts I could be making. I should really get to them soon.

Otherwise… I’m still watching about as much anime as I normally do, which admittedly tends to end up being not that much this time of year due to other things typically going on. The recent thing which generally sticks in my mind is the theatrical feature from earlier in the year, Pompo the Cineaphile, which you’ve probably missed in the cinema at this point if you are in the UK (though I gather has an upcoming US release). That movies a pretty good time.

Anyway, in the event that I completely forget to update again for the next year, I hope you have a Merry festive season, a good New Year, and that 2022 finds you all pretty good.

(Oh, Love Live Superstar was good, if you were really wondering what my opinions on recent Love Live cartoons were)

Merry Christmas 2020

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at December 25, 2020 on 1:23 am

Merry Christmas, y’all.

Guess I’ve not posted much on anything this year. You know how it is, I’m sure – much as I’d like to put it down to mostly being a busy year, it is also one I’ve mostly spent at home. This sure does mean I’ve watched a bunch of anime, but it also sure does mean I’ve been sat at my desk at home an awful lot, and at a certain point, I need to not be sitting where I do my day job in order to sit around and write stuff for the internet. I need space to unwind and all that.

Well, that, and I’ve been playing a bunch of Genshin Impact. Way too much Genshin Impact. An absurd amount of Genshin Impact.

Quick Notes About Love Live Nijigasaki

Posted by DiGiKerot in Love Live! at October 4, 2020 on 12:36 pm

Well, I suppose I should write something about the new Love Live show, if only for old times sake. I can’t really say I have much productive to say about it – at this point in time, there’s an effectively infinite number of people who’re better placed to write about it than I am, and I’d rather just enjoy the show casually than try and pull it apart too much.

Mikan Watch #143: Rick and Morty

Posted by DiGiKerot in idolmaster, Mikan Watch at July 26, 2020 on 12:25 pm

I can’t particularly say that this was a post I was ever expecting to be making…

Anyway, Adult Swim put out another one of their sporadic Rick and Morty shorts overnight (well, by UK time), and this one was animated at Telecom and directed by Takeshi Sano (Tower of God). Probably not actually that much of a shock given those circumstances, I guess.

I suppose I actually like Rick and Morty well enough, though not in the “talk publicly about it” fashion – which is to say, I do watch the show, but I can’t particularly say I want to be associated with some of the more vocal parts of the fanbase. I’m sure you can probably understand.

Mikan Watch #142: Urusei Yatsura

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at June 10, 2020 on 4:33 pm

From… Some episode or other of Urusei Yatsura that I actually watched a couple of weeks ago, where even if I could remember specifically what episode number it was, it would still no doubt be a contentious matter due to the weird way that the BD releases decided to renumber the show.

Anyway, Urusei Yatsura is good, even if it could do with more Ran.