Cake, Kanako, Calories and Cat Ears in Cinderella Girls Episode 3

Posted by DiGiKerot in Cinderella Girls at January 23, 2015 on 11:58 pm

This week on Cinderella Girls, Kanako should be care what she eats, because we all know that girls who eat too many sweets can’t be backup dancers – just ask poor Kana.

Which reminds me that I never did get around to writing anything about the iM@S movie, did I?

Wake Up, Ship Girls! It’s KanColle Episode 3!

Posted by DiGiKerot in Kantai Collection at January 22, 2015 on 10:56 pm

Well, that was sure a potentially interesting episode.

To get the thing which is potentially obvious out of the way upfront, the W Island here is a thinly disguised reference to Wake Island, no-doubt masked to at least make it look slightly like the Abyssal Fleet aren’t the US navy, and that the property isn’t quite as grossly nationalistic as it could be taken as being.

Bath Time with Boat Girls with KanColle Episode 2

Posted by DiGiKerot in Kantai Collection at January 22, 2015 on 10:11 pm

Excuse me whilst I teach people to suck eggs for a while.

So, in the second episode of KanColle, there’s a scene where Fubuki bumps into Akagi in the bathhouse. Akagi apparently took some minor torpedo damage in the skirmish from the first episode, and as such is taking a soak (and popping bubblewrap) whilst she’s being repaired. Much to her delight, particularly given she was otherwise going to be stuck there for the next fifteen hours, the Admiral sent her in an instant repair bucket, allowing her to depart, and consume vast amounts of food, much more quickly.

This scene is a little odd in so much as it’s a realisation of game mechanics in the actual show in a peculiar fashion. I kind of feel like I need to explain the joke somewhat, because it likely comes across somewhat differently to those who play the game than it does to those who don’t.

Legitimising Micro-Transactions with Cinderella Girls Episode 2

Posted by DiGiKerot in Cinderella Girls at January 22, 2015 on 1:05 am

This week in Cinderella Girls, we meet the Energy Drink, the trademark-infringement-free way to restore your idols pep anytime, anywhere.

This is, of course, a concept lifted from the original mobile game – it’s one of the many items which can be used on your idols to provide a beneficial effect. That said, whilst I call it “legitimising micro-transactions”, I’m mostly joking, because it’s one of those things that is a little difficult to to properly place a significance on without actually being a player of the game. It’s probably for another post, but the bath scene in last weeks KanColle rather puts that into focus, as I’m sure that came across completely differently to those in the thick of the war against the Abyssal Fleet than it did to those who aren’t (by which I mean, buckets are common as muck without paying for them). Mostly, though, it’s just a small, if a little weird, acknowledgement of actual game mechanics in the show, something that the previous iDOLM@STER show never really got into.

Minor PSA: iDOLM@STER on Daisuki

Posted by DiGiKerot in idolmaster at January 13, 2015 on 1:39 pm

I don’t usually write about this kind of news these days, but, hey, I figure there’s probably an exception to be made for many a thing in life.

So, to presumably to tie in with the Cinderella Girls anime which is now airing, Daisuki have started uploading episodes of the original iM@S TV show. “Big whoop” is probably your reaction to that, but the specific interesting thing about this is that, unlike the North America-only stream of the series on Crunchyroll, the regional restrictions applied on Daisuki appear to be more inline with those they have on Cinderella Girls.

That is to say, this marks the first occasion that the show is available in the UK (and at least some parts of of the rest of Europe, I gather). Now, this isn’t the first iM@S material available over here, as whilst we were deprived of iOS Shiny Festa, Animax picked up the second (and only the second) series of Puchimas a couple of seasons back, but I guess it’s the most significant.

That being said, yeah, yeah, Daisuki. As someone who keeps a PC hooked up to the television for use as my primary anime delivery mechanism these days, I actually managed to watch through the first episode of Cinderella Girls and Tsukimonogatari flawlessly, which is a big improvement over trying to watch Hanamonogatari last year (I gave up). I understand that for those folks who like to stream their cartoons via their games consoles it’s not particularly useful (though Daisuki do have mobile/tablet apps), but, hey, it’s one less excuse I’m going to accept for having not jumped on the cartoon idol bandwagon in the future.