Merry Christmas!

Posted by DiGiKerot in Uncategorized at December 25, 2019 on 11:07 pm

Since I’m sure it’s still Christmas somewhere, here I am half-arsing a post whilst on the train to, err, Numazu…

Anyway, Merry Christmas and all that. I spent an exciting day running around Osaka before accidentally diverting plans for the day so that I could attempt to sidequest to the store with the Prism Stone store stuff in stock, something which was at least partially successful (I managed to grab the Emo plush and the 5th Anniversary Mirei, but they didn’t have any Anna in stock. Also having to Chaika through the tokuten choices was fun). Also went and bought Too Many Wooloos from one of the Pokemon stores, thus giving myself a luggage headache already. Guess I should go buy a large hold-all somewhere…

And also too much KFC was consumed. I should probably have just bought a NugBox, but hey, it was Christmas.

Anyway, I hope the season sees you all well, and I’ll catch up with you folks later!

(Yes, I appreciate that I’m using a Fate USA Tour notebook for Japan Trip stuff. That is just the kind of thing that amuses me way too much…)

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