AX 2017 Prep Notes

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at June 30, 2017 on 4:11 am

Turns out I’m in LA for AnimeExpo this weekend. You know, idols and all that, not that I’m particularly well prepared for it. I guess I’m mostly just going to wing it in all my efforts this weekend.

Anyway, Omo has more useful notes than I’m likely to make, so go read those.

I will say, the penlights that come as part of the VIP ticket package for the Anime World Matsuri shows are rather… bad. I mean, they’re basically just a bonus anyway, but I’d have to imagine that most folks willing to throw down $120 on the VIP tickets (and the $350+ on the AX Premier badge probably required to have a sniff at getting them) will probably have at least a couple of better options. Certainly, I’ve got a couple of King Blades on me, and I’m feeling way underdressed for the whole thing in comparison to the real ballers.

Also, I have cards on me this weekend, so come say “Hi” if you think you see me and you’re around.

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